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Photo Books

Our Photo Books are more than just a TIPA award-winning product. It’s a personalised album of memories, allowing you to forever remember those special moments and bring them to life. Create one for yourself or as a loving gift using our free software and have your photos professionally printed from our UK lab.

Most Popular Photo Book Themes

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift or looking to commemorate your own favourite memories, making a photo book is a versatile way to celebrate life’s best moments. Fully customisable and with every page designed by you, each photo book is as unique as your experiences. Browse our most popular photo book themes and get inspired!

Photo Book Reviews

Tips and ideas for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Including paper types, size options and design features, let us show you how to transform your memories into a lasting keepsake.

How to make a photo book

1. Download our software

Our free, award-winning Creator Software is easy and intuitive to use.

Download Software

2. Upload photos from your year

Upload photos from your phone, computer, DropBox or CEWE MyPhotos.

3. Choose your product

Select your favourite size, paper type, book binding and cover type.

4. Personalise your design

Customise your album with frames, templates, Clipart, text and even video.

5. Leave it to us!

We print your Year in Review photo book and deliver it straight to your door.

Cover Types

Make your masterpiece stand out with one of our stylish photo book covers. Choose from five options, so whether you want to create a faux leather, linen, softcover, or hardcover photo book, you’ve got the flexibility to do just that. Each cover is designed to give your creation the perfect finishing touch – the final flourish of style to your extra special CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Choose a traditional, durable, hard-backed cover to protect your photo book.

  • High quality
  • Customisable spine
  • Gold, Silver or Gloss Highlights available
  • Available with up to 202 pages

Our flexible, lightweight softcover photo books are perfect for carrying on the go, making your photo book incredibly versatile and easy to flick through.

  • Flexible, Laminated Cover
  • Personalised Softcover
  • Personalised Spine
  • Available with up to 130 pages
Booklet Booklet Booklet

Just like a brochure, the pages inside the booklet cover fold into each other and are held together by staples.

  • Cover with staple binding
  • Pages fold into each other, just like a brochure
  • Available with up to 50 pages
Faux Leather Faux Leather Faux Leather Cover

Perfect for portfolios or a classic album of family photographs, our leather covers are smart and stylish. Create a book you’ll treasure for a lifetime; a keepsake the whole family will love with the traditional style of a vintage photo album. Choose from classic black, marbled brown or contemporary white, and you can even add gold, rose gold, silver or gloss Highlights.

  • Padded leather cover
  • Available in Black Leather, White Leather and Marbled Brown Leather
  • Available with up to 130 pages
Linen Cover

A fine woven linen cover can be the perfect option for baby albums and wedding books. With a tactile feel and a choice of white, grey or cobalt blue, this is a modern and unique way to preserve your treasured memories. Also available with gold, rose gold, silver and gloss Highlights.

  • Premium Linen cover
  • Available in Matte White Linen, Matte Grey Linen and Matte Blue Linen
  • Available with up to 130 Pages

The Difference in Bindings

Learn more about the binding types available for your photo book!
Traditional book binding cewe photobook Traditional book binding cewe photobook Traditional Binding

With Traditional Book Binding, your book will be classically bound with high-quality adhesive to give the feeling of a real book.

  • High-quality adhesive binding
  • The highest degree of quality and service - every time
  • Available for photo books with Classic, True Matte or High Gloss Paper
Layflat binding cewe photobook Layflat binding cewe photobook Layflat Binding

Do you have stunning panoramic shots to display? Are you putting together a professional wedding book? Our layflat binding is the only way to showcase your photos seamlessly across a double page. Create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK that’s perfect for showing off to your friends and family. We can’t promise they won’t want to take it with them!

  • Completely flat pages
  • No image loss in the centrefold
  • Perfect for panoramic photos
  • Available with Photographic Paper

Paper Types

Choose from six paper types, each of which has been carefully selected for its quality. If you choose one of our photographic papers, you can create layflat photo books; perfect for displaying your photos in all their glory across a double-page spread. Make your CEWE PHOTOBOOK even more beautiful with the perfect paper.

Classic Paper (200gsm) Traditional Book Binding, up to 202 pages

Classic Paper is a versatile all-rounder perfect for any book or occasion. Digitally Printed with a semi-matte finish. FSC Approved.

High Gloss Paper (200gsm) Traditional Book Binding, up to 154 pages

High Gloss Paper adds a unique sumptuous depth and brilliant colours to your photos, thanks to a high-quality UV coating. Smudge and moisture-resistant.

True Matte Paper (160gsm) Traditional Book Binding, up to 202 pages

For amateur photographers, professionals and photography enthusiasts. Our True Matte Paper stands out due to its elegance and sophistication. Discover a unique roughened texture and a velvety-matte look on the inside pages and cover, soft contrasts and mild colours. Perfect for photo books with text.

Classic Photographic Paper (368gsm) Layflat Binding, up to 130 pages

Photos printed on Classic Photographic Paper are produced with a stunning level of detail and outstanding colour intensity. We use a traditional wet print process for an extremely high level of detail and a large colour range. Perfect for panoramic photos over two-page spreads.

Gloss Photographic Paper (382gsm) Layflat Binding, up to 130 pages

Gloss Photographic Paper brings out the brilliant colour vibrance in your photos. The traditional wet print process provides you with incredible colour intensity with a UV Gloss Coating, while our Layflat Binding is perfect for panoramic photos over two-page spreads.

Matte Photographic Paper (370gsm) Layflat Binding, up to 130 pages

Our Matte Photographic Paper is bound Layflat, and features outstanding depth along with a one-of-a-kind deep-matte finish and non-reflective surface. Printed with a traditional wet print process for very fine detail rendering and a lifelike visual appearance.

Add a Shine With Highlights

Present your story in style with a beautiful, tactile finishing touch.


Add highlights to your personalised photo album to give it an extra special finishing touch. Choose from gold, rose gold, silver or gloss highlights, and bring out the beauty of your cover design. You can add highlights to clip art, text and other design elements like frames and borders, and they will instantly make your creation look and feel like a professional book.

Discover more CEWE PHOTOBOOK Formats and Options

Photo book creation tutorial videos

Design dilemma? Feeling stuck while you make a photo book? Explore our video tutorials for expert tips and tricks to help you create the best photo book you can. Whether it’s your first book or your fifteenth, we’re here to help every step of the way.


Want to create a high-quality custom photo book? We use the latest printing technology alongside the best paper and inks to make sure every book is as exceptional as the last. And it’s all put together by people who are experts when it comes to making books. The majority of our books are made here in the UK at our lab in Warwick, where we’ve developed a great team who are passionate about helping bring your photos to life in beautiful books.

We print hundreds of thousands of photo books each year, and each one is carefully checked before it leaves our lab. Only the best will do when it comes to your photos, which is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all books. If you’re not entirely happy with your book, simply get in touch and we can arrange a replacement or full refund, with no fuss.

Ready to start work on your customisable photo book project? Discover our full range of photo books today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting from just £6.99, CEWE PHOTOBOOK pricing depends on several factors such as the size of the book, the cover and paper types used, and the number of pages. To find out more, take a look at our photo book range for a full list of prices.

It’s simple really; a photo book is a photo album you create online or in an app that we print out in stunning quality for you to keep hold of forever. Choose a size and paper type, then upload your pictures and customise each page with backgrounds, text, clip art and frames. With a photo book, it’s easy to put your personality onto every page. Anything goes, so you can make your book your way. Discover photo books here.

CEWE are committed to being a carbon-neutral company.

The FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) promotes the responsible management of forests around the world and we are proud to say that we have been FSC®-certified since 2013.

As CEWE belongs to an industry that relies heavily on paper, environmental protection is incredibly important to us and we do everything we can to protect it. For further information, read more about our continuing efforts towards being green.

Layflat photo book binding allows you to print seamlessly across a double page spread as the binding doesn’t have a gap or gutter between the pages. Your photo book will lay completely flat when you open the page which allows you to enjoy the full image without any interruptions from the binding.

Layflat binding is available with Classic Photographic Paper, Gloss Photographic Paper and Matte Photographic Paper.

You can create your CEWE PHOTOBOOK using our online editor, however for the full range of design elements, layouts and graphics we would advise you to use the free CEWE Creator Software. With an intuitive user interface and the option to save your creation offline, you can create a beautiful photo book, featuring your favourite images.

It’s simple really; a photo book is a photo album you create online or in an app that we print out in stunning quality for you to keep hold of forever. Choose a size and paper type, then upload your pictures and customise each page with backgrounds, text, clip art and frames. With a photo book, it’s easy to put your personality onto every page. Anything goes, so you can make your book your way. Discover photo books here.

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Whether you’re using your computer, tablet or phone, we’ve made it simple to turn your favourite photos into a personalised album you’ll really love. We have a wide selection of templates and themes to choose from and you can include captions by adding text. A great way to store digital photos, books can be fully customisable. Find out how you can make a photo book today.

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