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Inspiration & Ideas

Do more with the photos you love. Discover tips, tricks and creative ways to turn your pictures into something special.

Tips and ideas for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Including paper types, size options and design features, lets us show you how to transform your memories into a lasting keepsake.

Your Year-in-Review – 2020 Yearbook Inspiration 9th December 2020

It’s safe to say this year has been one that none of us would have expected, leaving us with lasting memories of a truly unprecedented period of time. Throughout the year, we’ve encouraged you to stay focused on the small, happy moments that have brought joy amongst the uncertainty, and you responded by sharing all kinds of beautiful photos that have depicted your year.

Photo book filled with friendship memories

Your Guide to Creating a Birthday Photo Book 10th June 2020

Each moment you’ve experienced together has its own special memories and feelings that are evoked when you revisit it. With studies showing that looking back at old photos produces a feeling of positive mental wellbeing, taking a trip down memory lane can be beneficial in reinforcing our relationships and bonds with others, too.

How to Create a Personalised Baby Photo Book 2nd January 2020

Many of us will remember the tradition of keeping a lock of baby’s hair and their tiny hospital bracelet in a book – you may even still have yours – and we’ve got some ideas on how to bring the baby book bang up to date with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, whilst keeping that traditional feel.

Edgertons Gin

Behind the CEWE PHOTOBOOK with London Food Photographer Sue Atkinson 29th October 2019

Sue Atkinson is a well-established, professional Food and Drink Photographer who has been commissioned by the likes of Krispy Kreme, Warburtons, McCain’s, Tetley and McDonalds.

Self Care: Create Your Own Motivational Photo Book 24th October 2019

Whether you would like to create a personalised motivational photo book for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone you're close to, you'll have a special guide to happiness to refer to whenever you need a smile.

Alternative Wedding Photo Book Ideas 2nd July 2019

We do love a wedding – the outfits, the decorations, and most of all… the photo books! If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your wedding, take a look at our handpicked ideas for alternative wedding photo books, from hen party gifts to wedding day mementos.

Coffee table with photo books

Make Your Own Coffee Table Book 14th May 2019

A coffee table book is usually an oversized, hardcover book that is filled to the brim with stimulating, eye-catching visuals. They typically refrain from large amounts of text and rely on the imagery to hold your attention.

8 Ideas for Small Photo Books 30th April 2019

It’s a widely known fact that we adore the CEWE PHOTOBOOK, and we know our customers do too, but it’s often the striking larger sizes that get the most attention. A little more petite but packing just as much of a punch, our Pocket, Small, Small Landscape and Square photo books have their own specialities.

Valentine's Photo Book: Love Story

Valentine's Photo Book Inspiration 31st January 2019

If your favourite person deserves something a little more thoughtful this Valentine’s Day, why not create a very special photo book? More personal than roses, and more heartfelt than a card.

Northern Lights Photo Book- M Kulhavy

Photo Book Inspiration: The Northern Lights 24th January 2019

After first meeting Martin at The Photography Show in Birmingham, he was eager to show us the impressive CEWE PHOTOBOOK he made with the resulting images. It’s definitely become a firm favourite here at our UK offices, and we’re excited to share it with you all.

Photo Book Spotlight: ‘Made in Paddington’ 2nd April 2019

‘Made in Paddington’ is the fusion of family history, social history and love story. The subjects are Christopher’s maternal grandparents who, back in 1922.

How to Choose Photos for your Yearbook 6th December 2018

If you've spent the past year taking photographs, creating a yearbook is the perfect way to reminisce and round up all those memories in one place.

photo books vs photo albums

Photo Books vs Photo Albums 22nd May 2018

Your precious memories shouldn’t be forgotten – they should be celebrated. And what better way of doing so than presenting them in a photo book or photo album?

4 by 4 gride of photos and text blocks as a family photo book cover

CEWE PHOTOBOOK Cover Design Tips 3rd April 2018

The beauty of creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is that every single element of your book is designed by you. Your album of special memories begins and ends with the cover; it’s the first impression and the last word on your work.

Matte Photographic example

Introducing Matte Photographic Paper 26th June 2017

We know that lots of you are big fans of our True Matte paper, but we know you also love our layflat photographic papers. That’s why we set out to find a way to combine the elegance of True Matte with the striking effect of a layflat paper.

Firenze guide book

Spread the Word: How to Add Text to a Photo Book 6th March 2017

They might be called photo books, but they can contain much more than just photos. You may know that you can add text to your photo book, but did you know you can add as much text as you like, absolutely anywhere in your book?

The Perfect Gift: Yearbooks 17th October 2016

At CEWE, Christmas is our favourite time of year, and we think it’s never too early to start planning that perfect present. Make this year one to remember with the perfect gift, made by you. Tell the story of your 2016 in a yearbook you can enjoy for years to come. It’s a personalised present your friends and family will love.

How to Create Your Own Guide Book 9th June 2016

Combine your photos with your newly-acquired local knowledge to make a rough guide that no holidaymaker should leave home without. And if you ever return to the same spot yourself, you’ll have all your insider know-how to hand.

Photo Books Kids Will Love 23rd October 2015

Today’s post is just for kids. No adults allowed! We’ve got three great ideas for photo books that we think kids will love to make. Who says photo books are just for grown ups?!

Banish the Post-Holiday Blues with a Summer Photo Book 24th August 2015

Summer’s almost over, but as your tan fades and the kids get ready to head back to school, we’re here to help you stay in the holiday spirit for just a little while longer. Making a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the easiest way to remember that once in a lifetime holiday or your favourite family adventures.


Free your photos from your phone or camera and turn them into beautiful gifts or keepsakes. Discover inspiration and ideas on creating unique photo products for any occasion, that can be cherished forever.

DIY Photo Project: The Photo Memo Board 7th June 2021

With a picture frame, some elastic cord or string and a variety of Photo Prints, you can create a decorative photo memo board for your room. The beauty of this is that you can interchange and add new memories your DIY memo board as often as you like, keeping it up-to-date and displaying your most recent photos and special moments.

Personalise Your Outdoor Space 7th May 2021

As the days begin to get warmer and longer, we’re sure you’ll be spending more time outside relaxing in your garden (and pretending you’re on holiday!). Why not invest some time and creativity in designing your personal outdoor area?

two square landscape wall art prints positioned above home office desk.

Turn Your Home Office into a Feel-Good Space 21st April 2021

Whether you’ll be splitting your time between working from home and the office or have adapted to working from home full-time, it’s important to set up your office space according to your taste and create a feel-good atmosphere at home.

small 255 piece puzzle with a collage of family photos printed on it.

Why Puzzles are Great for your Well Being 16th April 2021

Jigsaws are making a comeback! This quiet pastime is a wonderful way to relax and unwind, in addition to providing us with some much-needed time away from our screens.

Tips & Tricks

Discover exclusive photography tips and tricks, easy-to-follow photography guides and explore our favourite CEWE PHOTOBOOK features that will help you capture and transform your best memories into a lasting keepsake, regardless of your camera equipment.

Chocolate Photography Tips 3rd March 2021

Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur or just simply love taking photos for fun, we’re sure you know that taking photos can sometimes be just as much a science as an art.

Tips For Creating A Photo Shoot At Home 22nd July 2020

Whether it’s an issue with time, budget or unforeseen circumstances, we may often struggle to attend a photo shoot. However, it is possible to take impressive and candid shots in the comfort of your own home. We’ve put together a few tips to help you recreate amazing photos without having to leave your house.

Introduction to Documentary Photography

Introduction to Documentary Photography 17th June 2020

Documentary photography covers a wide range of genres. From family photography to photojournalism and pure artistry, documentary photography aims to showcase real life as it happens. Whether it highlights a social injustice or just to capture an unfiltered moment, documentary photography encourages us to capture the candid.

Be Inspired: Black and White Photography 101 4th June 2020

Black and white photography is the medium of using different tones of grey and allows you to experiment with your photographs in numerous ways. Whether you are a seasoned professional, an enthusiast or a complete beginner, getting to grips with black and white photography can expand your vision and encourage you to try something new.

A Spotlight on Shadow Photography 11th March 2020

Lighting in photography can make or break a photograph – it all just depends on how you use it. While there is often a focus on avoiding shadows in your photographs, there are numerous artistic benefits to embracing the balance between light and dark.


Find the latest news and updates on competitions, our award-winning Creator Software and CEWE company updates we want to share with you.

New and Improved – Our Award-Winning Creator Software! 1st July 2020

As a CEWE customer, you’re sure to be familiar with our award-winning Creator Software – perhaps you’ve even designed your own CEWE PHOTOBOOK using it – but you’ll be even happier to get to know our newest software version featuring a host of updates, additions and improvements.

‘My Happy Photo’: The Pictures That Make You Happy 13th May 2020

At a time when things are a little trickier for us all, we set ourselves the mission of spreading joy by getting everyone up and down the country to take a moment to themselves, look through their photos and pick one out that makes them happy.

Our CEWE Photo Award Winners 1st October 2019

Back in May 2018, we launched the latest CEWE Photo Award competition… and the results are in! With 448,152 submissions, the CEWE Photo Award is officially the world’s largest photo competition. All entries were judged by a panel of recognised industry experts, led by Jury President Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Royal Wedding Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski 18th April 2018

The official photographer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding has finally been announced: Alexi Lubomirski their official engagement photographs.

Creator Software Tutorials

Discover all the special features of our award-winning Creator Software by following our video tutorials and simple guides – perfect for helping you create the best photo product yet.

Editing Photos in CEWE PHOTOSHOW 25th June 2019

Do you know about our free photo editing software CEWE PHOTOSHOW? It comes installed along with our free, downloadable Design Software. It's a handy program for performing basic photo editing before you turn your images into a beautiful Photo Book or stunning piece of Wall Art.

Introducing our new CEWE PHOTOBOOK tutorial videos 16th April 2019

We also know how important it is for you to get your CEWE PHOTOBOOK just right, so our latest project is the perfect remedy for those troublesome situations that arise during the creation process.

Romantic and Love themed photo book cover idea with photos and large text

Top Ten Typography Tips 30th November 2018

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need a thousand and one! Typography is the art of presenting your words in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing, but legible.

Creator Software Tutorials

5 Steps to Designing Backgrounds For Your Photo Book 13th Sepember 2018

One of the many things that makes a photo book so much better than a traditional photo album, is having the ability to design every inch of every page exactly to your liking.


Get exclusive photography tips from industry experts and professional photographers we’ve had the pleasure to speak to. Read the interviews below.

A Trip to Indonesia With Travel Blogger Wanderlust Chloe 8th July 2021

Top UK travel blogger and content creator Wanderlust Chloe recently turned her stunning photos from a memorable trip to Indonesia into a CEWE PHOTOBOOK in partnership with Wanderlust Magazine.

10 Secrets to Portrait Photography with Celebrity Music Photographer Christie Goodwin 1st April 2021

Keen to broaden your photography skills or simply discover how to take the best shots of your friends and family? Portrait photography is your route to success!

Kay Choudri Working as a Fashion Photographer

London Fashion Week Preview: An Interview with Kay Choudri 12th September 2019

Ahead of September London Fashion Week, we caught up with esteemed fashion photographer Kay Choudri to gather together some tips, tricks and advice for anyone wishing to try their hand at photographing the fabulous world of fashion.

We Ask the Professionals: What’s Your Favourite Wedding Photograph? 28th May 2019

Wedding season is at its height and we’re taking the opportunity to chat to a few of our favourite professional wedding photographers about the work they do.

Street Photography Tips & Inspiration with Kiran Bhamra Cox 12th March 2019

If street photography piques your interest, you might have already come across Kiran Bhamra Cox. He’s a West London-based photographer who’s been turning heads, capturing people and places with his creative eye and down-to-earth perspective.

Photographing Four-Legged Friends with Larrie Barlow 5th March 2019

Learn how to take better pictures of your dog! We interview photographer Larrie Barlow for inspiration and tips. Read our blog to find out more.


From Christmas gift wrapping ideas to festive home décor inspiration. Explore how to create a personalised Christmas to remember.

If you like kinder®, you’ll love this… 19th September 2019

Whilst the chocolate is always a highlight of any Advent Calendar, where else can you find yummy kinder® treats and your favourite photo to look at every day of December? Well, our Personalised Advent Calendars are the answer you’ve been looking for! Here are a few ideas of what to feature on your special Advent Calendar this year.

Christmas Photography Ideas 20th December 2018

Twinkling lights, rich colours, and getting all the family together in one place… Christmas is the very best time of year to get your camera out! But have you ever felt like your selection of Christmas photos are getting a little predictable year upon year? If you want to add a little more variety to this year’s Christmas photo book, read on!

Design Your Own Christmas Cards & Spread a Little Festive Cheer 4th November 2018

Twinkling lights, rich colours, and getting all the family together in one place… Christmas is the very best time of year to get your camera out! But have you ever felt like your selection of Christmas photos are getting a little predictable year upon year? If you want to add a little more variety to this year’s Christmas photo book, read on!

What to Buy a Photographer for Christmas 9th October 2018

If you’re wondering what to buy a photographer for Christmas, you’re in luck. We’ve broken down our recommendations, covering a range of budgets. From stocking fillers to handy accessories, find out how you can treat the photographer in your life.

Customer Stories

Find inspiration from real CEWE customers. Read the CEWE PHOTOBOOK stories they’ve shared with us to help inspire your next project.

Meet The Larkins

Introducing the Larkin family, who have been loyal CEWE customers for eight years. As daughter Ellie’s 18th birthday was coming up, her mum Kate decided to create a special CEWE PHOTOBOOK to commemorate this milestone.

Meet The Lydsters

We had a chat with our customer, Lucia, about what the season means to her, and how she used her love of photography to create some thoughtful gifts for her favourite people.

Meet The Starlings

Whilst pregnant with her second child, Jo Starling sat down to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK for her daughter Chloe. And so began a pastime that she enjoys to this day.

Meet The Groves

Ever since their children flew the nest, Julie and Chris Grove have been exploring the world on magical holidays to every corner of the globe, they’ve visited every continent, including unforgettable trips to India, New Zealand and Antarctica.

Gift Ideas

Looking for unique gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Read our blogs to get inspiration for creating extra special gifts.

How to Turn Your Wedding Photos into Beautiful Gifts 15th October 2019

Instead of leaving your wedding photos hidden away somewhere, create a unique photo gift that you and your loved ones can cherish forever. With our help, you can create something beautiful to capture those all-important memories of your wedding.

Personalised Engagement Gift Ideas they'll Love 21st February 2019

Getting engaged is an exciting life event – not just for the happy couple, but for their friends and family too. That’s why engagement gifts are such a lovely concept.

Creating Personalised Pet Calendars 8th August 2018

Personalised pet calendars are a perfect idea to show someone you care, or a fun way to get creative for your own calendar. Discover our top tips for creating a personalised pet calendar.

Love Your Home This Valentine’s Day 30th January 2017

Your home gives you a lot. So isn’t it time you showed it some love? With the January blues finally abating and spring drawing ever-closer, February is the perfect time to refresh your decor and get set for a more cosy, more stylish 2017.


From the most Instagrammable tourist destinations to how big Snapchat really is: The world of social media is ready to be discovered with our interactive infographics.

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