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Do more with the photos you love. Discover tips, tricks and creative ways to turn your pictures into something special.

Tips and ideas for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Including paper types, size options and design features, lets us show you how to transform your memories into a lasting keepsake.

Self Care: Create Your Own Motivational Photo Book 24th October 2019

Whether you would like to create a personalised motivational photo book for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone you're close to, you'll have a special guide to happiness to refer to whenever you need a smile.

Coffee table with photo books

Make Your Own Coffee Table Book 14th May 2019

A coffee table book is usually an oversized, hardcover book that is filled to the brim with stimulating, eye-catching visuals. They typically refrain from large amounts of text and rely on the imagery to hold your attention.

8 Ideas for Small Photo Books 30th April 2019

It’s a widely known fact that we adore the CEWE PHOTOBOOK, and we know our customers do too, but it’s often the striking larger sizes that get the most attention. A little more petite but packing just as much of a punch, our Pocket, Small, Small Landscape and Square photo books have their own specialities.

photo books vs photo albums

Photo Books vs Photo Albums 22nd May 2018

Your precious memories shouldn’t be forgotten – they should be celebrated. And what better way of doing so than presenting them in a photo book or photo album?

4 by 4 gride of photos and text blocks as a family photo book cover

CEWE PHOTOBOOK Cover Design Tips 3rd April 2018

The beauty of creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is that every single element of your book is designed by you. Your album of special memories begins and ends with the cover; it’s the first impression and the last word on your work.


Free your photos from your phone or camera and turn them into beautiful gifts or keepsakes. Discover inspiration and ideas on creating unique photo products for any occasion, that can be cherished forever.

Your Year in Recipes – Lockdown Creations 20th January 2021

After a year spent predominantly at home, many of us have been using the time to get into baking and cooking. We’ve seen many of you across the world getting stuck in with baking sourdough bread, jumping on the banana bread bandwagon and feeling inspired to try new lunchtime dishes, to name a few.

2021 Design Trends For Wall Art & Prints 15th Jan 2021

We simply cannot begin to talk about anything interior related without a nod to one of the biggest design announcements of the season… Pantones Colour of the Year. For 2021, Pantone has gone against the grain and announced two colours as their top pick, with the intention to represent the unpredictable year we’ve experienced.

New Year, New Phone, New Phone Case 6th January 2021

Choose from our wide range of phone case styles and designs, suitable to fit iPhone, Samsung and Huawei models. You’ll be spoilt for choice with our range of finishes to choose from, including slimline styles to hardwearing wood or leather cases.

Seasonal Photo Calendar Ideas & Inspiration November 18th 2020

Want to create your own Photo Calendar but not sure where to start? That’s what we’re here for! We’ve put together some inspiration for you to create a personalised calendar that follows a theme: the four seasons.

Sparkler Photography 101 14th October 2020

Bursts of vibrant colours in the night sky, accompanied with a loud bang, fizz and a pop, followed by the 'ooh’s' and 'ahh’s' of the crowd below. It can only mean one thing – it’s Bonfire Night. Although this year, the 5th November may be a little different than usual.

Autumn Design Trends with hexxas Wall Art 7th October 2020

You can guarantee that as soon as autumn starts (or even prematurely before!), you will notice the emergence of the infamous pumpkin. From piled outside the front of shops and pumpkin spiced lattes to family day trips to the pumpkin patch, you can’t deny that pumpkins are the epitome of autumn.

Easy Autumn Photo Ideas to Fall in Love With 21st September 2020

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year to practise your photography skills. Read on for our handy tips to get you started.

5 Simple Ways to Redecorate a Blank Wall 28th August 2020

We all have a space in our home that we would love to improve. From outdated decor to quirky layouts that you can’t quite figure out what to do with, we’re here to offer a solution to the age-old ‘blank wall’ issue.

Fun and Thoughtful Ways to Announce a New Arrival 8th July 2020

A new addition to the family is a very exciting time and part of that excitement is sharing the arrival with those closest to you. From photos of their first few hours to settling into their new home, capture the story of your little one’s first experiences for all your family and friends to enjoy.

Letterbox Gifts – How to Make Their Day From Far Away 20th May 2020

When we can’t see someone in person, it’s hard to make sure that they’re in good spirits. If you’ve found yourself missing your favourite people, a letterbox gift is the perfect way to reach out to them and make sure they’re okay.

Fun Photo Projects To Enjoy From The Comfort of Your Own Home 6th May 2020

Spring has officially sprung, and it’s the time of year when usually we’d be dusting off our camera (or getting out our iPhone!) to snap all the great photo opportunities the season brings and all the exploring we get up too.

Feel Good Things To Do At Home By Our Favourite Bloggers 2nd April 2020

From baking and making dens to finally getting round to sorting out your photographs, we've had a chat with some of our favourite bloggers and collated some feel good activities that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Creative Ways to Ask - 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid?' 5th Feb 2020

With the huge popularity and growth of Pinterest-inspired weddings, plenty of brides-to-be are taking inspiration from how others ask friends and family to be part of their big day.

2020 Design Trends for Wall Art and Prints 8th January 2020

Whether you’re looking to embark on a complete interior overhaul, or just wish to add a few pieces to refresh your space, we’ve taken a look at the top design trends for 2020 and applied our expertise to help you create unique, personalised pieces of wall art for your home.

Ideas and Tips for Your Next Gallery Wall 22nd October 2019

The gallery wall is right on trend, and for good reason; refined, stylish, and easy to create. It is the perfect way to showcase your favourite photos, images or prints, customised to suit your individuality.

How to Turn Your Wedding Photos into Beautiful Gifts 15th October 2019

Instead of leaving your wedding photos hidden away somewhere, create a unique photo gift that you and your loved ones can cherish forever.With our help, you can create something beautiful to capture those all-important memories of your wedding.

Our Three Favourite Gigapixel Photos – And How to Create Your Own 23rd July 2019

We like to keep up with the latest in photography trends and techniques, so when we saw a recent gigapixel photo of Shanghai take the internet by storm, we just had to see what all the fuss was about!

Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners 9th July 2019

Gorgeous dresses, beautiful locations, stunning floral displays and reuniting with old friends and family…we all love a good wedding and there are few occasions that deserve to be photographed as much as a wedding does.

Pet Photography: Top Pet Photographers in the UK 13th November 2018

If you have pets you’ll understand that taking photographs of them is a challenge like no other, and it can be difficult to avoid dark, blurry images. Yes, they may look ready for the camera, but as soon as you are about to hit the button, they move!

Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas 24th July 2018

Birthdays provide the perfect opportunity to treat your loved ones to gifts you know they deserve. Although some birthdays are obviously more significant than others, and should be marked appropriately.

7 Creative Ways to Say Thank You 3rd July 2018

Sometimes in life, saying “thank you” just isn’t enough. When a loved one has gone out of their way to help or support you, you want to go out of your way in return to thank them, or repay the favour. We’ve chosen 7 different ways to say thank you, which say so much more than just those two little words…

Child with teddy

Seven Creative Kids’ Photo Shoot Ideas 30th April 2015

Here are seven creative kids photo shoot ideas for simple DIY sessions you can have at home with your own little ones, without spending a fortune.

Tips & Tricks

Discover exclusive photography tips and tricks, easy-to-follow photography guides and explore our favourite CEWE PHOTOBOOK features that will help you capture and transform your best memories into a lasting keepsake, regardless of your camera equipment.

A Spotlight on Shadow Photography 11th March 2020

Lighting in photography can make or break a photograph – it all just depends on how you use it. While there is often a focus on avoiding shadows in your photographs, there are numerous artistic benefits to embracing the balance between light and dark.

How to Choose the Right Photo for Your Canvas Print 19th February 2020

Whichever picture you love most, from a holiday snapshot to a family photo, turning it into a canvas print is a brilliant way to enjoy it all year round. Whether you have a photo in mind or you’re trying to decide between a few, here are our top tips for choosing the right photo for your canvas print.

Smartphone Travel Photography Tips 22nd January 2020

Big cameras mean a lot of gear – and you may not want to lug it around with you on your next trip. Luckily, smartphone cameras have improved massively over the past few years and are constantly evolving. Due to this focus on mobile photography, say goodbye to extra baggage fees and back injuries and hello to impressive smartphone photos!

Food Photography Tips & Tricks – Behind the Scenes 17th December 2019

On the internet, there are plenty of viral videos, such as this one created by 5 Minute Crafts, that tries to guess the unconventional methods that are used when crafting the perfect plate – but how much of it is real?

Photographing Churches and Cathedrals 24th September 2019

For anyone who loves architectural photography, the ornate architecture of churches and cathedrals is the ideal challenge. Because of the added intricacy, ecclesiastical photography often takes on a more complex form than general architecture, but this doesn’t make it more difficult to practice – in fact, quite the opposite.

Kay Choudri Working as a Fashion Photographer

London Fashion Week Preview: An Interview with Kay Choudri 12th September 2019

Ahead of September London Fashion Week, we caught up with esteemed fashion photographer Kay Choudri to gather together some tips, tricks and advice for anyone wishing to try their hand at photographing the fabulous world of fashion.

Landscape Photography Tips 10th September 2019

With so much natural beauty surrounding us, you’re bound to find enough inspiration to be your muse too. With that in mind, allow us to provide you with a few tips and tricks to help you master the art of landscape photography.

Graduation Photography Tips & Post Graduation Ideas 20th June 2019

When you graduate from university, you leave with more than just a degree and student debt – you’ll also have lots of photos that document your graduation day. As many people consider their graduation one of their proudest achievements, it’s important that you have worthwhile photos to show for it.

7 Top Tips for Capturing Everyday Life’s Beautiful Moments 23rd April 2019

It’s easy to feel as though our own everyday lives are mundane and uninteresting, but whatever your normality may be, photography can help you look at it with fresh eyes. Each day we’re presented with endless photo opportunities

What is Golden Hour Photography? 26th March 2019

If you dream of images filled with warming, natural light, this blog post is for you. We’ll talk you through what golden hour is, and how to make the most of it to create some captivating photos.

How to Take Panoramic Photos 14th March 2019

We all know the feeling when we’re out in nature and witness a view so stunning that we wish we could imprint it on our brains forever. The next best thing? Panoramic photography.

Street Photography Tips & Inspiration with Kiran Bhamra Cox 12th March 2019

If street photography piques your interest, you might have already come across Kiran Bhamra Cox. He’s a West London-based photographer who’s been turning heads, capturing people and places with his creative eye and down-to-earth perspective.

How to Photograph Jewellery 14th February 2019

For many of us, Valentine’s Day brings shiny gifts in velvet boxes. From exquisitely cut diamond earrings, to luxury gold wristwatches, or perhaps a momentous engagement ring; for the keen shutterbug, such beautiful subjects are sure to inspire you to grab your camera.

Achieve Sharper Shots – How and When To Use Focus Stacking 8th January 2019

When it comes to achieving crystal clear focus, nothing is better than the human eye. Layer upon layer of sophisticated lenses and light reflectors work hard to deliver the sharpest possible image to the brain.

7 Still Life Photography Tips to Try Today 3rd January 2019

Looking for the perfect way to hone your technique? Or get completely creative? Still life photography gives you a high degree of control over the composition of your piece, leaving you free to experiment.

How to Photograph in Fog 2nd October 2018

Ever tried capturing the eeriness of a foggy landscape? You’ll know it’s trickier than it looks to recreate what your eyes can see in all its atmospheric glory. Take a look at these fog photography tips to help you capture shots that are more exciting than flat.

10 British Seaside Photography Tips 28th August 2018

The scorching heatwave might have simmered down a bit (for now) but summer isn’t over yet! There’s still plenty of time to head to the beaches before Autumn creeps in, and and appreciate the fantastic seasides we have right here in the UK

Tips for Displaying Wall Art at Home 17th July 2018

Thinking about where you display artwork can transform any space in your home. It can add finishing touches to any room, and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Alternatively, well placed prints can create a fantastic first impression for anyone visiting your home.

Mixed Bouquet- Flower Photography Tips

Flower Photography Tips For Your Bouquet 13th February 2018

If you’ve been treated to a beautiful bunch of blooms this Mother’s Day (or you’ve treated yourself!) why not take some time to grab your camera? Flowers are gorgeous, but they don’t last very long. With a few lovely photographs you can preserve that pretty posy forever.

How to Take a Passport Photo at Home 27th February 2017

If you’re jetting off on your travels this summer but need to renew your passport, the process has recently been made a little easier. Instead of tracking down a photo booth and paying for a set of passport photos as you usually would, you can now take your own digital passport photo at home.


Find the latest news and updates on competitions, our award-winning Creator Software and CEWE company updates we want to share with you.
CEWE Photo Award December Winner

Our World is Beautiful: The Inspiration Behind the Photo with Shubhodeep Roy 24th February 2021

We got in touch with Shubhodeep after his photo ‘Barber Shop’ was selected as one of our three CEWE Photo Award monthly winners for December 2020. When asked about the story behind his image, he told us that it was, in fact, a chance encounter that led him to capture it

‘My Happy Photo’: The Pictures That Make You Happy 13th May 2020

At a time when things are a little trickier for us all, we set ourselves the mission of spreading joy by getting everyone up and down the country to take a moment to themselves, look through their photos and pick one out that makes them happy.

Our CEWE Photo Award Winners 1st October 2019

Back in May 2018, we launched the latest CEWE Photo Award competition… and the results are in! With 448,152 submissions, the CEWE Photo Award is officially the world’s largest photo competition. All entries were judged by a panel of recognised industry experts, led by Jury President Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

The Milky Way over mountains

Astrophotography 101 – Everything You Need to Know 26th September 2019

Astrophotography is the term that describes taking a photograph of an object in space. This can range from the moon to the Milky Way, astronomical matter to celestial events and activity in the night sky.

Creator Software Tutorials

Discover all the special features of our award-winning Creator Software by following our video tutorials and simple guides – perfect for helping you create the best photo product yet.

Introducing our new CEWE PHOTOBOOK tutorial videos 16th April 2019

We also know how important it is for you to get your CEWE PHOTOBOOK just right, so our latest project is the perfect remedy for those troublesome situations that arise during the creation process.

Romantic and Love themed photo book cover idea with photos and large text

Top Ten Typography Tips 30th November 2018

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need a thousand and one! Typography is the art of presenting your words in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing, but legible.

Designing with Clipart, Masks and Frames 5th November 2019

Our software’s editor contains a wide range of additional creative options such as backgrounds and book templates, but what we’re going to focus on in this blog are the clipart, masks and frames.

8 Things You Never Knew You Could Do with Our Creator Software 5th December 2016

Our Creator Software is jam-packed with some truly brilliant features, some of which you might not even know about! We’ve rounded up a few of these nifty features to help you make the most of everything our software can do...

Customer Stories

Find inspiration from real CEWE customers. Read the CEWE PHOTOBOOK stories they’ve shared with us to help inspire your next project.


From the most Instagrammable tourist destinations to how big Snapchat really is: The world of social media is ready to be discovered with our interactive infographics.

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