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Bio-based case

An excellent alternative to conventional plastic

  • Made from renewable raw materials
  • Industrially biodegradable
  • Choose from two base colours
  • Flexible material with your photo printed on the back
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Product Features


Protects corners, edges and buttons

Printing method:

Solid direct print method

Printed on the reverse side (the edge ​​remains blank)






Varies depending on your smartphone model

Print your own photo on a personalised mobile phone case made with PLA (polylactide)

PLA is an industrially biodegradable material created using 100% renewable raw materials such as corn or sugar cane.

A bio-based case an excellent alternative to mobile phone cases made with conventional plastics. Under industrial conditions, this case is biodegradable in accordance with internationally recognised DIN standard 13432. The material decomposes into water, CO₂ and biomass over a certain period of time and under certain environmental circumstances.

Please note: Most disposal facilities are not yet designed to decompose PLA, so it can't be disposed of with your household recycling and should not be composted. We are optimistic that current developments in the area of ​​plastic alternatives will lead to further solutions for the disposal and recycling of bioplastics in the future.