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Your happiest moments celebrated in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Capture 2022 in a personalised yearbook and celebrate precious memories for years to come.


Create a yearbook- the ultimate family memento

Capture your special family moments from the year and create a special memento. Be inspired by the Henstock Family as they share their yearbook.

Lucy creates a yearbook every year for her family and this year is no different. As a professional photographer herself, she knows how special it is to capture the best times and the best adventures they have had as a family and to make a CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Find your yearbook by size

Showcase your memories with our most popular photo book sizes.

Find the best CEWE PHOTOBOOK for you

Explore and select the best photo book for your yearbook. We offer a selection so you can find the right size and layout to bring your creativity to life and match your budget.

from £ 8.99*
1. Select your design
2. Upload your photos
3. Customise with your photos!

Did you know?

You can easily choose from 39 design templates, different photo book sizes, paper and cover types, and change these at any time in the product editor.

Explore themes to find inspiration for creating your personalised yearbook

Create a gift to last a lifetime and share the ultimate family memento with future generations.

Family moments

Our photographs capture perfect moments in time to be treasured. Looking back on our yearly family adventures is a gift, as we experience heartfelt emotions being brought to life.

Their first year

When witnessing your baby’s first year of life and joy, when the world is not big enough to contain the love overwhelming your heart, capture those memories in a treasured yearbook.

For the happy couple

Remember breath-taking and unforgettable moments with your loved one, as you reminisce in future years and look back on your memories, beautifully showcased in your yearbook.

Staycation memories

Showcase all your favourite holiday photographs and adventures from 2022 in a creative and personalised yearbook. Relive the joy every time you open your CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Unique ways to customise your yearbook

Follow our creative tips and create a year-round album with your unique collection of photos.
Add raised effects to your covers

Add a modern and stylish touch to your front cover. Highlights can be applied to titles and clipart. Choose from silver, gold, rose gold or gloss.

Add text to your layout

Customise your photo book with text and to add captions and subtitles to your photos. Relive your year with happiness and let your creativity run wild by choosing any style, size and colour for the font.