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The Lydsters: Moments to look back on forever

For many families, Christmas is one of the most special times of year. We had a chat with our customer, Lucia, about what the season means to her, and how she used her love of photography to create some thoughtful gifts for her favourite people.

“I’ve loved photography since I was a young girl,” Lucia tells us over a cup of tea in her lovely home filled with family photographs, where she lives with her husband Paul, stepson Heath and Bertie the family dog. “It’s something I inherited from my dad, he was always a keen photographer too. Now I’ve taken it from being a lifelong hobby to trying my hand at being a professional photographer.”

Like many people who love photography, Lucia thinks her photographs are best appreciated in print. “You can give a CEWE PHOTOBOOK for any occasion, but Christmas especially, because it’s a time of year for family. It’s really important to us, we all down tools and spend lots of quality time together, and there’s nothing better than looking back at your lovely photographs.

The Joy Of Giving

“I wanted to make them a photo book so we can look over the fun times and memories we’ve made over the past year. The latest toy might be out of fashion in a few months time, but a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is something you can keep forever. It’s personal, it’s got meaning behind it.”

The Lydsters

Professional photographer Lucia is the heart of her family. She lives with husband Paul, stepson Heath and Bertie the dog. Family and photography are her two biggest passions in life.

Lucia Lydster

Lucia lives by the motto of “Collect moments, not things” – whether for her family or others, there is no better feeling or gift than a special moment captured and preserved forever.

She loves to document her family’s memories; her home is filled with framed photos and pieces of wall art dedicated to the people she loves most. She has recently taken her passion for photography to a new level, creating her own part-time business specialising in wedding, new-born and family photography.

Paul Lydster

Paul is an ex-Royal Marine and ex-rugby player. He is a lover of sport and family is everything. Paul enjoys walking in the Cotswolds with all of his family, including Bertie the dog.

Heath Lydster

Heath is 9 years old and is a huge football fan. His other loves include Bertie the dog, who is his best friend, and Kinder chocolate. Heath really enjoys taking Bertie for walks with his Dad and Lucia.

The Perfect Way To Bring Memories To Life

When it came to making her family’s CEWE PHOTOBOOK, Lucia loved the opportunity to look back on her favourite memories. “It was really enjoyable because as I was putting the pictures in, I was remembering those times as well. So I knew that when the boys saw the book they’d reminisce and remember those good times. I couldn’t wait to hand it to them, I couldn’t wait to see the looks on their faces."

I couldn’t wait to hand the CEWE PHOTOBOOK to them, I couldn’t wait to see the looks on their faces.

Lucia Lydster

Lucia’s Tips & Tricks

Lucia’s become an experienced hand at creating photo books, combining her two greatest passions of family and photography. We asked her to share some of her top tips to help you bring your own photographs to life in a beautiful book.


“Collate all of the photographs you want to use and pop them in a folder on your desktop. Then when you need to create your album, it’s easy to find them all in one place.”


“Don’t be afraid to get creative! The CEWE software has loads of options for you to choose from that let you arrange your photos however you want. Whether you want to dedicate a full double-page to one photo or use multiple smaller pictures on a single page, the choice is yours.”

Give The Gift Of 12 Months Of Memories

Heath’s reaction to the photo book prompted Lucia to create an extra little gift, just for him. “I made a CEWE Calendar for my stepson. Our dog Bertie is a huge part of our family. He’s a lovable furball, and Heath absolutely adores him. I knew it was something he’d be absolutely chuffed to bits with, and Heath’s reaction was fantastic. With all the pictures of Bertie it meant the world to him, he loved it.

I think people are mad not to print their memories! By keeping them on a phone or computer they’re just wasted. Creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is something beautiful you can pull out time after time.

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