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Custom-fillable advent calendar Custom-fillable advent calendar Custom-fillable advent calendar

Fill Your Own Advent Calendar

Why wait until Christmas Day to spoil the ones you love? With this Advent calendar you can personalise not just the picture but the contents too. Treat them to their favourite sweets, small toys and more.

  • Create in minutes
  • Place your own gifts behind each door
  • Personalised with your favourite photo
  • This calendar arrives empty and does not include chocolate
  • Size: 48 x 36 cm
Product Features


48 x 36 x 3.5 cm


350 gsm Invercote paper in a digital print

Door size:

From 5.5 x 5.8 x 3.5cm to 10 x 13.5 x 3.5cm

Get Creative With a Fill Your Own Advent Calendar

Why wait until Christmas Day to give a personalised gift? With our Fill Your Own Advent Calendar you can give a mini treat every day in the run up to Christmas! Whether it’s for kids, family, friends or colleagues, you can hide the perfect little surprise for your special someone behind each and every door. From jewellery and miniature perfumes, to collectable figures and home baked treats, fill every day with your own unique and thoughtful gift, just for them. Great for treating people with allergies or special dietary requirements.

With an empty tray, you can add your own special photo to go across the front or why not add a few favourite photos using one of our winter or Christmas design templates? There are plenty of design options to choose from to help you create the perfect personalised Advent calendar. We’ll then print your finished design across the front of your Fill Your Own Advent Calendar with a high quality, silk matte finish. Create yours now in minutes using our online editor.

What to Put Inside Your Custom Advent Calendar?

So you’ve decided to create your own fill your own advent calendar, but what to fill it with? Whoever your recipient is, we’ve compiled some of our best ideas to help get you started!

For Kids

Advent calendars can be a minefield for those of us with dairy, soy or nut allergies. Most parents of allergy kids know all too well the disappointed little face of someone who can’t have the advent calendar that features their favourite character because of allergens in the chocolate. If you want to create your own personalised advent calendar, you can use any image you like on the front, and fill the inside with allergy-safe treats.

Alternatively, if your child isn’t the biggest fan of chocolate, why not fill your advent calendar with small packets of jelly sweets or individually wrapped chewy treats?

If you’d rather avoid the daily sugar this year, a Fill Your Own Advent Calendar is a great way to spoil your favourite little people! Fill with small toys, such as animals, squishies, toy cars or plastic building blocks like Lego. Why not give your child the gift of time, and fill your calendar with experiences? They can be as simple as a handmade voucher redeemable for a trip to the park, or cinema tickets to go and see a festive film.

For Tweens and Teens

For that awkward age when they’re just starting to lose interest in toys, treat your tween to a fun advent calendar packed full of nail polish, glitter and hair clips.

Got a teen with a strong creative streak? Encourage their artistic side with a craft calendar! Fill with embroidery floss, stamps, ink and stationery. Maybe they’ll discover a talent for a new medium! Give the gift of music, movies and even TV shows. Streaming services like Amazon, iTunes and Spotify all allow you to generate gift codes, either for Premium access or to buy individual movies and TV episodes. Fill the calendar with your codes, and impress them with advent gifts they’ll genuinely enjoy.

For Adults

Do you know someone who deserves some “me time” among the busy holiday season? Show them you care with a thoughtful aromatherapy advent calendar. Fill with scented tealights, mini bath melts and essential oils. Many of the big brands offer calendars full of sample-size toiletries such as skincare, makeup and hand creams. You can make your own version (usually for a fraction of the price!) featuring a more diverse range of brands and scents, specially tailored to suit your recipient’s tastes.

Looking for more masculine ideas? Treat him to a month of male grooming products, such as beard oil, pomade and mini sample bottles of aftershave.

For Pets

Why should your furry friend miss out on the festive fun? Give the gift of wagging tales! Just make an advent calendar that features your favourite photo of your pet and fill it with healthy treats. This is a great gift for your dog or cat, or the perfect advent calendar for the animal-lover who likes nothing more than seeing their pet happy.

For the Whole Family

Instead of creating individual calendars, why not create just one calendar for everyone to open together? Try filling it with Christmas tree ornaments, to stretch out the tradition of decorating the tree together. Alternatively, fill your calendar with ways to spend time together this December. You could add a small cookie cutter ready to bake some gingerbread together, or even tickets to a local pantomime.

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