Careers at CEWE: Current Vacancies

At CEWE, we offer more than just jobs. Joy and passion are central to our culture, from the photos we print and beyond. Whether you have professional experience, you're a recent graduate, or a young person looking for an apprenticeship: become part of that culture and join our friendly team.

No current vacancies

Other applications

If you want to work for CEWE but you haven't found a suitable role in our job listings above, you can still send us your CV for future consideration.

The application timeline

Roles at CEWE are varied and no two application processes are the same. Nevertheless, we aim to make the application process as quick and uncomplicated as possible. Find out more below.

1. Apply

We look forward to every application, regardless of whether it reaches us electronically or by post. However, it's easiest to apply online. Simply click on the respective job advertisement above to contact us.

2. Confirmation

Once you have sent us your CV, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us by e-mail, so that you can rest assured that your documents have arrived safely and successfully.

3. Review

Both HR and the department you've applied for will now carefully review your application. If we are missing any relevant information, we will contact you as soon as possible. How long this process takes will depend on the position advertised. Generally, we aim for the entire application process to take no longer than 3 to 4 weeks.

4. Interview

If the review of your application reveals that we would like to get to know you personally, you'll receive an invitation from us - by telephone or e-mail - to a personal interview. In some cases we also conduct telephone or video interviews.

5. Aptitude Testing and Second Meeting

The application process at CEWE is usually multi-stage, so depending on the type of position, further personal interviews may take place, where we'll focus on more technical topics. You'll also get to know other (team) colleagues at CEWE. After the first interview, you will receive feedback on how to proceed with the process.

6. Job Offer

If successful, you will receive a jointly agreed contract offer from us for your new role in the CEWE team.

7. Welcome!

As a new team member, an exciting and intensive training period awaits you and we look forward to welcoming you as a new team member at CEWE!

Important information

We are seeking to employ individuals who are passionate about CEWE and it’s products and who are committed to bringing joy to our customers. We are a team of highly motivated individuals from various countries, who market, produce, inspire and assist our customers while continuously striving to do this in a sustainable way. Our employees are people of integrity, honesty and work towards high standards in the photo printing industry.

Equality in recruitment

CEWE believes in diversity, rejects discrimination and does not think in categories such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age or sexual identity.

Great Place to Work

CEWE UK has been certified a Great Place to Work. The esteemed accreditation from Great Place to Work is given to organisations which display an exceptional workplace culture. We are proud to be named a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company!