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Our departments

From marketing managers to technicians, it’s our people who look after our customers, produce amazing products, and ensure that everything we do is done with passion, care and attention to detail.


The production team passionately produce hundreds of copies of the CEWE PHOTOBOOK every day (and at times, over two shifts) using state-of-the-art technology from the market as well as machines and systems developed in-house. Processes are monitored with the help of key figures by production controlling and the digital workflow is controlled by another team of experts. To ensure that production employees always feel safe and are informed about possible risks, regular occupational safety training is delivered. In order to continue to develop progressively and innovatively, the production department has both a lean management team and a company suggestion scheme.

Customer Service

The customer service teams provide the highest quality service to thousands of consumers and partners, with support from 8am to 10pm. The customer service team advise on all topics relating to products, the website, the CEWE Creator Software and the CEWE app. At the same time, customer services are the point of contact for general questions, order tracking and account queries.


The marketing team aim to get our customers excited about the CEWE brand and promote our products and services including our hero product, the CEWE PHOTOBOOK. This is done by developing integrated campaigns and with inspiring stroytelling across all online and offline channels, enabling our customers to capture their joy and create a CEWE photo product or gift. Working together with all of our colleagues on the CEWE brand image and employing experts in various areas - including product management, brand management, retail, media, online (with web development, SEA, SEO and social media) and CRM.


CEWE has many successful relationships with its trade partners, selling CEWE branded products and offering a fully managed omni-channel photo service. Trade partners are secured, developed and managed by the sales team, where emphasis is placed on having expert knowledge of the market and customers. Expertise is always shared to grow the business wherever possible. The sales team believe that communication, flexibility and passion for photo has led to CEWE's long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships.


In IT, the main focus is on supporting the production department with IT solutions. IT manages the servers, running all of the back-end of the workflow as well as the workstations running the front-end of it, available to the operators. IT fully supports both areas of the hardware and software of the IT lifecycle, resulting in an effective production workflow. The IT department maintains complex systems, as well as design and implement bespoke solutions for the whole business. Additionally, IT also provide general support across all departments. The IT team works in integrative, agile teams with a high degree of personal responsibility and great technical expertise. The focus is always on implementing projects professionally on time, on budget and with high quality. IT solutions are developed in both standard applications and in-house developments.


There are a diverse range of tasks in the area of finance. The financial team ensures that all performance and cash flows are recorded. Building on this, accounting and consolidation of CEWE's financial statements create essential content for both internal and external reporting. Excellent cash management enables Finance to meet payment obligations and ensure that CEWE's strategies are financially secure. The tax system ensures that the obligations for taxes and duties of all kinds are met lawfully. Finally, risk management, internal auditing and the legal department, all of which are supported by the CEWE group as whole, are part of the finance department.

HR & Payroll

The HR department support CEWE team members from the first stage of their application and throughout their employment journey at CEWE, answering HR related queries and supporting Team Leaders to coach and mentor their team to meet everyone’s potential. Knowledge of employment contracts and employment law is essential in HR; accuracy and attention to detail is critical when working with sensitive data. HR also co-ordinate employee engagement activities and support the sustainability agenda by promoting wellbeing, learning and development.

Warehouse Management

The warehouse team are responsible for the procurement, receipt and supply of all production materials. The department uses a SAP software system to keep tight control of stock levels. The warehouse is also responsible for supplying all consumables for CEWE Photostations, which can be found at Boots stores across the UK and Ireland. This team also ensures that Health & Safety measures are in place across the business, including maintaining the safe operation of high-bay stackers, safe storage and the safe retrieval of stock using forklifts.

Technical Support

Through preventive maintenance and the repair of CEWE's state-of-the-art machines, the technical support team ensures production processes are safe and reliable. Trained mechanical and electrical technicians encounter lots of new challenges in addition to their day-to-day business. Whether a new machine is being installed or colleagues are learning how to operate a machine through specialist training – there are always exciting challenges to tackle in this area.

Our people in their own words

A few members of our fantastic team were interviewed to give you a flavour of what it’s like to be part of the CEWE family. Find out what our people say about what it is like to work here.

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At CEWE, we offer more than just jobs. Joy and passion are central to our culture, from the photos we print and beyond. Whether you have professional experience, you're a recent graduate, or a young person looking for an apprenticeship: become part of that culture and join our friendly team.

Team Spirit and Culture

How would we describe our culture? We like to think it’s as unique as the products we make. Our workplace environment is supportive and positive. Our people have a genuine affinity with our products and a close connection with our customers.


Despite being part of a large European group, which carries many benefits, our UK operation is smaller and more agile, giving individuals greater responsibility and the scope to make a real difference.

About CEWE

The CEWE group spans across the whole of Europe, supplying award-winning products to retail partners in 21 countries. CEWE is Europe’s leading photo printing company. Find out about the company and it's history here.