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Holiday photo books

Some of our happiest moments happen on holiday. From a romantic city break to a family week in the sun, it’s the experiences we share away from home that can mean the most. Whether you want to create a record of an extra special holiday, or you’ve just returned from travelling and want to tell the story of your trip in pictures, our holiday photo books are the perfect way to document those moments you never want to forget.

Wherever you’ve been in the world, bring your holiday snaps to life by creating your very own holiday photo album.

Show off your holiday snaps in style in a holiday album

Whether you’re creating your first holiday photo album or you’ve created them before, it couldn’t be easier with CEWE. From the size of your photo book to the style of the paper, you can customise every bit of your book to make it uniquely yours. With so many different options available, you can create a holiday photo book which is as special as your trip.

Make a bigger book

Our photo books come with 26 pages as standard, but you can easily add extra pages if you need more space for your holiday memories. This gives your personalised holiday photo album plenty of room to show off all of your photos, however long your trip lasted.

Create a double page spread

Create a premium photo book with our Photographic Papers. Featuring Layflat binding you can add stunning panoramic photos which are then displayed seamlessly across a double page spread. During your holiday, keep an eye out for shots which would make great panoramas for your book.

Add your holiday videos

It’s easy to add video to your photo book. Upload your holiday movies in our Creator Software and a QR code will be generated along with a film strip of images from your video. Then simply scan this code with your smartphone to relive your holiday memories again and again.

Create a unique holiday album

Those holiday snaps you shared with friends and family online can be easily added to your holiday photo book. Simply upload your photos through our Creator Software and use them to create a beautiful printed version of your favourite social media albums.

Thanks to our free mobile app, you can even make your holiday photo album on the go too – perfect if you’re delayed in the departure lounge and need something to keep you occupied.

Create your very own Holiday Photo Album in just 5 simple steps…

Creating your first holiday photo album is easy. Simply follow the steps below to create a professional looking, personalised photo book.

1. Download software

Download our free, award-winning photo book Creator Software.

2. Upload your photos

Upload photos from your computer, phone or CEWE myPhotos.

3. Choose an album size & style

View our complete range of photo books and select the perfect size.

4. Design & customise

Customise each element to add a personal touch to your photo book.

5. We’ll take it from here

We print your holiday photo album and deliver it straight to your door.

Our software

Our fantastic software is packed with clever features to make it simple to create your very own holiday photo book. It’s also full of clip art, backgrounds and templates to help you put your book together. Even better, you can really take your time with making your photo album – whether that’s a few hours or a few weeks. Simply save your project as you go and when you next open the software, your book will be there waiting.

Start Your Photo Book

Crafting the perfect album

If you want a holiday photo book which really stands out, why not try something a little different with your holiday photographs? Here are a few ideas to inspire you before you next set off with your camera in your suitcase.

Take the plunge

From splashing in the pool to snorkelling in the sea, some of the best summer holiday moments happen in the water. Get a different perspective by taking the plunge – just make sure your camera or phone is designed for underwater photography before you do!

Focus on the details

Look beyond the landmarks and beaches when you’re taking photos on holiday. Wherever you are in the world, find the little details that make a place unique and turn these into images which will add real interest to your personalised holiday photo album. Think pretty tiles, colourful fruit and vibrant flowers.

Capture every moment

Your holiday begins as soon as you close the front door, so why wait until you hit the beach to start taking photos? Take pictures whilst you’re at the airport, on the road or heading to your hotel, and you’ll create a collection of unique and unusual shots which combine to tell the story of your trip. Include a variety of different photos in your family holiday photo album to remember even the smallest details.

Tips on how to take better holiday photos

Heading off on holiday with no camera? No problem! Your smartphone is the only camera you need, and you’ll always have it to hand when a photo opportunity arises. If you do plan to use your phone as a camera during your trip, follow these tips to ensure you make the most of what your mobile can do.

Get to know your phone

Familiarise yourself with the features of your phone’s camera. Do this before you set off on holiday so you never miss a moment that you want to capture. From the flash to photo filters to HDR features, the camera can probably do much more than you know!

Go panoramic

Both iPhone and Android models offer the option to take panoramic shots, and holidays are the perfect opportunity to take this feature for a spin. What’s more, these panoramas will make perfect double page spreads or cover images for your photo book.

Forget the filters on holiday

Everything looks brighter and better in the sunshine, so why not forget the filters and let the natural beauty of the location take centre stage. The view from your sun lounger is probably pretty enough without any editing.

More photo book themes…

Create a photo book for every occasion