Ideas and Tips for Your Next Gallery Wall

22nd October 2019

The gallery wall is right on trend, and for good reason; refined, stylish, and easy to create. It is the perfect way to showcase your favourite photos, images or prints, customised to suit your individuality. Gallery walls are great for freshening up a family photo wall, brightening up dull wall space, or displaying your favourite artwork and photographs.

If you’re wondering how to get started, we’ve compiled a guide full of tips and tricks to show you how to make a gallery wall that is tailored to you.

Gallery Wall Ideas & Tips

Before we look at ideas throughout the whole home, we highly recommend that you find or invest in a spirit level and tape measure. Regardless of your style, your gallery wall will only benefit from your prints hanging straight and in the right place.

To get to started, measure and mark out where you’d like your gallery wall to sit. Then, step back for a second look before bringing out the hammer and nails. This allows you to make sure there is an equal amount of space between each print too. For aesthetic reasons, we would suggest a gap of at least two inches.

Gallery Wall Layout Top Tip

To get to started, measure and mark out where you’d like to place your gallery wall as a whole. Then, you can start to plan out where your prints will sit inside of that space.

If you already know the amount of prints you want and their sizes, measure them out onto paper (or tracing paper) and create placeholders. This way, you can rearrange them on a flat surface to get a feel of the composition and ultimately, how it will look on your wall. Now, you can change the layouts around as much as you like before you settle on the perfect combination. Once you’ve chosen your preferred layout, use the same paper place holders and stick them to the wall. Then, measure and mark in the centre of each print where the nail or hook should go. When you remove the paper, you know exactly where to hang your prints.

A general layout top tip is to place more vibrant and colour heavy prints near the lower portion of the gallery wall then place the more minimalistic and lighter prints above. This will ensure your space still remains light and breezy with all the extra frames adorning your wall. Bear that in mind when you’re switching your prints around – it may even guide you with your composition.

Ideas & Tips for the Bedroom

Our favourite aspect of the gallery wall trend is just how well it can showcase your individuality. Arguably, the bedroom is the most personal room in the home, and a place that serves as your own space. Therefore, we think this is the best place to create a gallery wall that features everything you love in a bit more detail. From utilising your favourite colour as the colour palette to your favourite artist or quotes that you live by, this is your space and should feature what you love most. Whatever your tastes or passions, you can create a wall that tells your story.

Top tip – This tip is simple. Just be you!

Gallery Wall Ideas for Your Dining Room

Want to take your gallery wall to the next level? Dining rooms are usually where all the entertainment and fancy dining commences – so this is where your gallery wall can really show off.

For a real statement, try using images that all share a common colour theme. If your dining room is black and white, go the extra mile and create a monochrome gallery wall to complement. Or, if you want to inject colour to a monochrome room instead, make sure you choose a colour that is bold and brave to counteract the black and white colour scheme. The choice is all yours.

Ideas & Tips for the Living Room

Two assumptions about your living room – it is probably the first place you want to relax when you arrive home after a busy day and you’ve already put a lot of thought into the overall design. To make sure that your gallery wall complements the rest of your interior, we recommended taking inspiration from your favourite feature.

For example, do you have a lot of greenery in your living room? Complement them with botanical prints and succulent imagery. Or, do you have a cushion that you adore with polka dots? Add prints to your gallery wall that also feature polka dots! Utilising other features in your interior design is a great way to incorporate your gallery wall into your living room.

Create a Travel Focused Gallery Wall

Another idea for your living room is to create a travel gallery wall featuring all your favourite holiday photos. As soon as you step foot into your living room, a travel gallery wall provides you with an instant recollection of your adventures, but more importantly, it gives you something to smile about every time you have a moment of downtime. Don’t let your favourite photographs from your holidays sit on a camera roll, allow them to take centre stage in your living space!

Stairway Gallery Wall Ideas

A great gallery wall idea is to utilise the space by your stairs. A staircase gallery wall will give you the opportunity to play around with the shape of the layout. A gallery wall layout is usually either just horizontal or vertical, but the shape of the stairs allows for an incline in the composition too.

Depending on the size and shape of your stairs, you can choose between lots of smaller frames or a few statement prints – or a mix of the both! You can start small, then increase your print size as the stairs incline or decline for a twist on the typical layout choice. If you only have room for one statement piece and a couple of supporting images, either centre it on the stairs or put it at the bottom. Your efforts may be missed if you place your gallery wall towards the top of the staircase.

Top tip – As you’re figuring out your composition, remember that the staircase has heavy foot fall that may brush against your prints. To combat this, place your prints at shoulder level or above and make sure they are secure enough for the odd bump or brush.

Don’t Forget the Frame!

Frames are equally as important as the print. You’ve taken the time to consider the imagery you are placing inside, but have you thought about what will frame it? Luckily, we are experts in printing and have a wide range of Wall Art that will bring your gallery wall to life.

Our [Framed Photo Prints][cp-poster-canvas:frames] are made for gallery walls! Printed on premium quality semi-gloss paper for brilliant colour brightness and vibrancy, our framed prints not only offer excellent quality, they are also UV resistant to ensure a long and happy life. Choose between Classic, Modern or Country style frames and a range of colours to suit your gallery wall down to the very last detail. Then, its down to you to get creative…

If you’ve created your own gallery wall, we want to see it! Whether it is wild or wacky, or something suited to you and your family, show us your best shot. Simply tag us in your masterpieces on social media via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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