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Share Your Story With Us!

At CEWE, we love hearing your stories and bringing your photographs to life. We are currently on the lookout for our very own CEWE Ambassadors who have a story they’d like to share with us.

Have You Created a CEWE PHOTOBOOK Recently?

Whether you have welcomed new life into the world, undertaken a lockdown project, are celebrating a milestone birthday with someone close to you or have simply been reminiscing on your favourite moments as a family – we want to hear from you. Have you created a CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a gift or to preserve a specific event or milestone?

We’re asking you to tell us about these special moments in a few words (or a short video if you prefer!) which will provide us with an insight into your CEWE PHOTOBOOK story. Plus, it’s a great way to learn more about you, how long you have been a CEWE customer and the stories you have to tell. In a nutshell, we want to know why you created it and who you created it for!

Please note: Anything you choose to send us will not be shared anywhere outside our initial conversations. You are not obliged to participate any further than you feel comfortable with – this is a space for you to share what means the most to you.

How to reach us

To get involved, simply send us a few images of your CEWE PHOTOBOOK or a short video by e-mail (with an attachment of less than 20 MB and less than 2 minutes!) to sharemystory@cewe.co.uk.

If you’d rather have a chat via our social channels, simply tag us in your CEWE PHOTOBOOK images with the hashtag #printwithCEWE or send us a message at @cewephotoworld on Instagram and Twitter.

We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Meet Louise Waldron – A CEWE Customer

Louise, from Peterborough, has a long history with CEWE and her story is one we’re thrilled to share. As an amateur photographer who loves to travel, she is no stranger to getting behind the lens, and this shines through in her photography.

After following us on social media and hearing about the CEWE Photo Award, she took the next step and entered a selection of her images into our global photo contest – the largest of its kind in the world! Louise became one of the highest placed photographers in last year’s CEWE Photo Award, with her photo of a fruit and vegetable stall in India claiming its spot among the top 30 entries out of a total of over 448,000.

Louise created a special CEWE PHOTOBOOK for her nephew, Isaac, that documented their previous travel adventure to Kenya.

I was so excited to be part of CEWE’s Christmas campaign. I do admit to being surprised (and a little nervous if I’m honest) about it initially but everyone I met and spoke with was so reassuring and made it all so easy. I felt quite honoured actually as I’m just a normal person and customer; I have no particular or special skill set in photography, being in front of a camera or doing anything at all like this. I’m used to being the other side of a camera!

I think it’s great that CEWE engages so readily with their customers and encourages their involvement – it makes their products real and brings them to life without the need for false claims or actors with prepared scripts. I had no hesitation in feeling completely free to say what I wanted and tell my own personal story.

Louise Waldron

Being able to share my pleasure in creating something tangible from my own photos was so much fun. My friends and family were really excited too and very complimentary.

I think that turning memories into a product or piece of art has been especially important over the last year for me and will continue to be the case. It has helped me cement relationships and have a positive outlook for the future and just simply be creative. If I have helped anyone else to do the same then that makes me happy.