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Photo Pairs Game

The perfect game for little ones

Our photo pairs game is a fun way to spend time with the family, and to relive happy memories. Place the cards face down, and then take it in turns to try and find the pairs. It’s a classic game that kids will quickly get the hang of and enjoy, it’ll even help them test their memory too!

  • Contains 50 personalised cards
  • Create in minutes
  • Add your favourite photos
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Product Features

Card Size:

6.6 cm x 5.2 cm

Personalised Pairs Game Ideas

There are no limits to your creativity when designing a personalised pairs game in the CEWE Creator Software. Here are a few of our favourite ideas to help you get started.

Fun for the Whole Family

Create something fun for the whole family. Make a range of cards with your favourite photos of beloved pets, family members or anything that’s special to you.

Something Educational

Playtime can be both fun and educational for little ones with their own personalised memory game. Create an animal-themed set of cards with pictures and the names of each animal on each one.

A Real Challenge

Looking for a real test of your memory? Instead of pictures, you could add coloured text to each card, but with the wrong colour, such as “yellow” being written in blue text.