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Customer Stories: The Larkin Family

In our latest customer story, we’re introducing the Larkin family, who have been loyal CEWE customers for eight years. As daughter Ellie’s 18th birthday was coming up, her mum Kate decided to create a special CEWE PHOTOBOOK to commemorate this milestone.

Join us as we meet the Larkin family and discover their CEWE PHOTOBOOK story.

The Larkin's Photo Book

Meet the Larkins

Kate and Graham Larkin are at the head of the Larkin household and have been married for 25 years. They have three children together – Jamie, Ellie and Scarlett. Kate has been a happy CEWE customer for the past eight years and, in her own words, “I love making a CEWE PHOTOBOOK – I’ve made at least 15!” Kate has created a wide range of photo books in the past and is no stranger to getting creative with her photos.

Ellie’s 18th birthday was a particularly special occasion which made Kate reflect over the first 18 years of Ellie’s life – “I feel so proud of the person she’s become. She is just awesome and I’m very proud to be her mum.” Kate has previously made a CEWE PHOTOBOOK for Jamie’s 18th birthday and intends to create one for her youngest daughter, Scarlett.

See the Larkins in our Christmas TV Advert

We’re proud to have the Larkins starring in our Christmas 2019 TV advert, and we hope you enjoy seeing their CEWE PHOTOBOOK story come to life! Keep an eye out while you’re watching television over the festive season and you might just catch a glimpse of them in action. In the meantime, you can enjoy the full advert.

Give the Gift of Time

Turning your precious photos into something you can cherish for a lifetime is often something we forget to do. In a digital age, it’s easy to rely on the amazing advancement of technology to keep our history safe, even though we are all aware how temperamental it can be at times. Kate used to create scrapbooks when her children were younger, so feels that photo books are a continuation now that they are older; “I decided to create photo books for the children as I wanted them to have a keepsake of the things they had experienced up to their 18th birthday. I also wanted to create something that they could look back and reflect on.”

“While creating her CEWE PHOTOBOOK, I felt that we’d made a lot of lovely memories over the last 18 years. I was amazed to see how many things she had achieved, especially with her drama, which she has loved since she was 3 years old.”

Time goes so quickly so it’s a good reference point for them to see how far they’ve come in 18 years and then to hopefully achieve and make many more memories in their adult life.


When presented with her CEWE PHOTOBOOK, Ellie said “I felt so happy to receive a photo book for my 18th birthday, as I knew I could look back on it for years to come. I love that my Mum took the time and effort to make it for my 18th too, as it’s a very special birthday! I feel like a photo book is a thoughtful gift idea as it holds great memories that I can look at whenever I want.”

Explore Photo Books

The Thought Behind a Personalised Gift

Personalised gifts mean so much more in a society that often gets carried away by the latest, must-have trends. One thing, however, will always remain the same – your desire to give your loved one a gift that they’ll adore. Kate loves giving personalised gifts as she believes “it shows the recipient that you have spent more time finding them a thoughtful gift that, hopefully, they will treasure forever.”

Once you’ve experienced how incredible it is to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, it’s easy to get into the habit of making one whenever something important happens. Kate told us that she’s “mainly created holiday photobooks in the past, plus a few smaller photo books for birthdays. I am also doing ‘50 before 50’ and would like to produce a photo book to document it.”

In the future, I will be creating another 18th CEWE PHOTOBOOK for my youngest and I’ll continue to make one for any holidays that we go on. Graham and I are also 50 in the next two years so there will be parties thrown that we can preserve with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK!

Kate’s Top Tip

Over the past eight years, Kate has picked up plenty of handy tips and tricks along her CEWE PHOTOBOOK journey, but she had one stand out piece of advice for those looking to create their own. “When I am creating a holiday photo book, I always keep a diary of the things we did each day. This makes it much easier when I come to add text into the photo book for each day of the holiday, as it’s there already to type up. Then, it’s just a case of dropping in the photographs.”

More Than Just a Photo Album

Show your loved ones you care this Christmas by gifting something they’ve never received before. A CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the best way to have your memories creatively packaged in the palm of your hand (and waiting to be opened under the Christmas tree!).

If you’re after plenty of inspiration for thoughtful Christmas gifts they’ll love, we recommend taking a look at our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide.

Explore Photo Books

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