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Bluebell Photography – A Day Out with Your Camera

1st May 2019

It’s that time of year where our beloved Countryside is blossoming and thriving! Make the most of this beautiful British Spring and capture some stunning photos while you’re out adventuring (which is something we should all do more of!)

Bluebells are at their peak, so it’s the perfect time to practice your photography skills. The beauty of bluebell photography is that it is ideal for everyone. From couples’ shoots, family portraits to photographing your pup, the dreamy hue of blue and violet is a beautiful canvas for any subject. If that isn’t your aim, bluebell landscape photography is a wonder all of its own and can be used to create a stunning piece of art for your home.

a large patch of bluebells in sunlit woodland

When do Bluebells Bloom?

Have you been meaning to round up the troops for a much-needed, updated family photo? Or have you recently brought a bundle of joy into the world and are looking for the perfect spot for a newborn photoshoot? Then you’re in luck! Bluebells usually bloom from mid-April to mid-May and they flower every year.

According to the National Trust almost half the world’s bluebells are found in the UK and they’re relatively rare in the rest of the world, so we’re rather lucky to have such a wonderful resource on our front door. Grab your camera and get creative – while you can!

Where to Find Your Nearest Bluebell Walk

Before you head out on your bluebell adventure, make sure you do a little bit of research to find a hot spot near you. We’d suggest having a look at the National Trust or the Woodland Trust.

If you’re local to us in Leamington Spa, Coombe Abbey in Coventry is a popular place for spotting bluebells and is only around a half an hour drive away.

Love winding paths and amazing woodland views? Then head on over to the Blickling Estate in Norfolk for the perfect, sunny afternoon. Or, if you’re used to the hustle and bustle of London life, escape for a day to Hatchlands Park in Surrey. Enjoy the fresh air, complimented by the delicate scent of bluebells!

close up photo of bluebells in the sunlight

How to Photograph Bluebells

To shoot bluebells, use RAW mode then edit the colour and white balance once you return home. By shooting in RAW mode, you’ll produce higher quality images. Without compromising on your photography, you’re then able to tweak the colours to make them pop. Remember – don’t overexpose! You’ll lose all the delicate detail in the Bluebells.

If you’re shooting bluebells as a landscape piece, make sure that as much of it is in focus as you possibly can. To do this, choose a small Aperture setting and use a tripod if you have one.

If you want to make the most of the vibrant colours that bluebells have to offer, shoot from a low angle to utilise that magical violet effect. Remember, bluebells can be easily damaged so watch where you’re treading. (Especially if you’ve got adventurous children or over-excited pups!) If they become trampled, it’s very difficult for them to recover and regrow next year. To get that perfect low angle, look for a break in the blooms or use a path to crouch down. The bluebell’s will frame your photos with their vivid colours for a unique result.

Taking shots around midday provides a more neutral light, which allows you to pick up the detail in the bluebells. If you’re an early bird, misty mornings provide a beautiful and ethereal filter.

a huge patch of bluebells under trees with scattered light

Things to Remember

It is illegal to intentionally pick, cut, uproot or destroy bluebells. Choose your outfits carefully! If you’re shooting a family photo, a head shot, or capturing the cheekiness of your little one, make sure your outfits don’t clash with the vivid colour of the bluebells. Not only are they stunning, bluebells have a beautiful scent. Go on, have a little smell when you’re amongst them with your camera.

Create Your Own Wall Art

While you’re out and about, why not take the opportunity to capture some bluebell photographs that will look beautiful as a unique piece of wall art? Whether you turn your favourite snap into a canvas print, a photo poster or a premium acrylic print, you can showcase the beautiful nature of bluebell photography in your own personal way.

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