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Grey puppy with blue eyes


Pet Photography: Top Pet Photographers in the UK

13th November 2018

If you have pets you’ll understand that taking photographs of them is a challenge like no other, and it can be difficult to avoid dark, blurry images. Yes, they may look ready for the camera, but as soon as you are about to hit the button, they move! Capturing not only that moment but also their personality can be extremely tricky.

We strive to help you take the best photos, so within this series of pet photography posts, we’ll be exploring some of the best pet photographers, tips for you to take your own photographs and ways to display your photos once you’ve got the perfect shot. So, let’s get started!

Meet the UK’s Top Pet Photographers

Around the UK, there are some incredible photographers who specialise in pet photography. They’ve mastered capturing incredible images of pets that we wish we could replicate with our own furry friends. Scroll down to explore a selection of their snaps.

Philip Lord

Based in Lancashire, Philip is a professional photographer who is passionate about creating some of the best pet portraits. With a relaxed, friendly approach, he ensures his subjects are at ease to capture some of the most stunning photographs, with plenty of personality.

Large dog on a wall, photo by Philip Lord

Ben Unwin

Ben’s a passionate photographer in the North West who as he says, “gets a thrill from capturing that magical moment”. With an eye for detail, top quality photos and an incredible amount of patience for photographing pets for a living, he knows that not all shoots go to plan – if your dog’s playing up and needs to stay on the lead, he can easily make the lead disappear in editing after the shoot. Magic!

Small grey kitten, photo by Ben Unwin

Rick King

Rick understands that Britain is a nation of pet lovers through and through. He has a wealth of experience photographing an array of pets including dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, birds, horses – and these cute furry ferrets! Whether it’s a portrait of your pets or as part of a family shoot, Rick will be able to capture your photo with impressive results.

Tow furry ferrets, photo by Rick King

Lisa Tatterson

Get the purr’fect paw’trait with Furrtography. Covering the whole of the North West of England, Furrtography specialise in canine, feline and equine photography. Their vision is to banish those dark, blurry images of pets and capture high quality photos you can treasure forever, just like this beautiful shot of a horse enjoying the sunshine.

Brown and white horse enjoying the sunshine, photo by Lisa Tatterson

Heather Beckett

Heather’s secrets to the perfect pet photoshoot are a whole lot of patience, understanding, treats, toys and reassurance. No matter whether you have a potty pooch or crazy cat, Heather is able to capture that special photo that perfectly sums up your beloved companion.

Dog sat under tree, photo by Heather Beckett

Caroline Trotter

Overlooking the sea in Fife, Scotland, Caroline really has the best environment for photographing your four legged friends. With lots of natural light and wonderful places for walks, Caroline is equipped to capture the best of your pet’s personality. A typical pet photoshoot will take two hours, it all just depends on how active and excited your pet is on the day!

Black dog running through a stream, phot by Caroline Trotter

John Ferrett

With an aim to “capture the heart of your pet”, Lincolnshire-based John specialises in pet portraits and regularly travels throughout the UK on private commissions. Having owned many cats and dogs himself, he understands what a massive part they play in the family and therefore why it is so important to capture those perfect pictures.

Large black dog looking out of the window at the rain, photo by John Ferrett

Top Pet Photography Tips for Capturing Your Own Furry Friends

Feeling inspired to take some photos of your pets after seeing these fantastic images from our top pet photographers? If so, here are some pet photo tips to help you get the perfect shot.

Patience is a virtue

When it comes to capturing your furry friend’s personality, the old saying is certainly true. If you find that your pet hides away or refuses to perform whenever the camera comes out, there is another way! Try keeping your camera set up ready and then wait, wait, wait for that perfect shot. Chances are, it’ll happen when you least it expect it, but with your camera ready to go, you can still capture that moment.

Avoid the flash

It sounds obvious, we know, but it’s always worth repeating – most animals find flash startling, so avoid using it for your pet photoshoot. Instead, use soft natural light to capture their fur in glorious detail. A bright day is the best time to stage your shoot, but try to avoid direct sunlight.

Capture their personality

Bright eyes and a glossy coat are great, but the best pet portraits show off your fluffy friend’s personality too. So how do you capture that quizzical facial expression? Or those playful eyes? Try moving treats or toys around the camera to spur your pet into action.

Remember, it may take some multi-tasking to get the shot you want. Or you could enlist a friend to help out and tempt your pet to play, leaving you free to snap away.

Have fun

One of the best things about pets? You never know what they’re going to do next! And that’s just as true with your pet photoshoot. That’s why our favourite pet photography tip of all is to have fun with it and enjoy the experience. After all, it’s just as much about spending quality time with your pet as it is about taking those pictures. And when that perfect moment happens? Get ready to snap!

Got that one special shot? Why not turn it into a piece of wall art you can enjoy every day with a personalised photo canvas? You may even want to consider pet calendars to show a new photo every month!