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Gift Ideas

What to Buy a Photographer for Christmas

9th October 2018

Christmas is fast approaching! The temperature’s dropping, the nights are drawing in and excitement is already in the air. But coming up with ideas for presents isn’t always easy. If you’re wondering what to buy a photographer for Christmas, you’re in luck. We’ve broken down our recommendations, covering a range of budgets. From stocking fillers to handy accessories, find out how you can treat the photographer in your life.


As gifts for photographers go, a new lens is definitely at the higher end of the gift spectrum but is bound to put a smile on their face. Treat them to a lens they haven’t got but have been after for a while. If they’re keen to try detailed, close up photography, a macro lens is a great option. Or, if they want a way to enhance their landscape shots, they might need a wide angled lens. Working to a budget? Why not get together with friends or family to buy a high-end lens?

a collection of high end photography lenses


The vast majority of compact and DSLR cameras have a built in or pop up flash for artificial lighting. But there are times when these just don’t cut it. An external flash is a great option, and many photographers prefer using them. External flashes can help reduce red-eye effects, by emitting a pre-flash to capture your models’ pupils. With external flashes, you aren’t limited to just having flashes attached to the camera. A wireless flash trigger lets you position the flash away from the camera to bring in light from different angles.

Waterproof Camera Cover

We all joke about the British weather, but protecting expensive photography equipment is nothing to take lightly! A camera cover could be a simple piece of waterproof protection for their camera, or it could cover them while they’re using it. This is particularly useful for photography enthusiasts who spend hours at a time in the rain, waiting for the perfect shot. Keeping all their equipment safe will be high on their priorities, which is why it’s one of our favourite gifts for photography lovers.

Accessory Bag

One of our most practical gifts for photographers – but one they’ll love, nonetheless! After all, as they build up their collection of kit, they’ll need somewhere to keep it all safe. Sticking with the theme of protection, why not treat them to an accessories bag? From shoulder bags to backpacks, there are so many different varieties to choose from. Camera accessory bags tend to have different shaped sections to keep everything secure. They wouldn’t want a precious lens rattling around in the depths of a bag, would they?

DSLR camera with a kit bag

Memory Cards

For snap happy photographers, there’s nothing worse than running out of space during a photoshoot and not being able to do anything about it. Having spare memory cards can be a lifesaver. Treat the photographer in your life to emergency memory cards, so they won’t ever have to worry about space for their photos again. Memory cards tend to start at 16GB, which should be enough space for their photos, as long as they transfer over to a computer to maximise the memory card’s space. If they’ve got a selection of memory cards to choose from, all they’ll have to worry about is remembering which one they’ve used!


Filters do a whole lot more than protect the lens. That’s why the photographer in your life will love this gift as a way to enhance their photos! Basic filters include:

  • UV reducing: UV filters combat haze in the atmosphere. If photographing near the sea, high altitudes or in snow, UV filters are a must.
  • Polarizing: Used to darken skies, manage reflections and suppress glare.
  • Warming: Improves colour to skin tones and absorbs any blue colour caused by a flash.

Camera Strap

Often, straps that come with cameras aren’t the most comfortable – we know this from experience! A thicker, softer camera strap can vastly improve their overall photography experience. It can help to reduce neck ache, especially from wearing a camera for long periods of time. As soon as you notice slight discomfort, it can be hard to ignore. With a soft, comfortable camera strap, this will soon be a thing of the past!

a camera with a colourful embroidered strap, sitting on top of christmas tree branches

Photo Book

Give them a gift they’ll treasure for years to come. Whether you choose a selection of their best snaps or pick a theme, a high quality photo book will bring out the best in their work, in a format they can share. Choose professional photographic paper to really make their photos stand out, and look for layflat albums to showcase landscape shots.

layflat photo book with high-quality images of architecture and night time cityscapes

Gifts for Photographers

And there you have it; our recommended gift ideas for photographers. Whatever you choose to get them, we’re sure you’ll make their Christmas!

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