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Customer Stories

At home all over the world

Julie and Moritz have created an amazing CEWE PHOTOBOOK that captures their incredible adventure travelling the world in a van with their children, dog and thousands of social media followers. It's an inspiring journey that they've documented beautifully.

By Tobias Meyer

Croatia, Corsica, Canary Islands: Julie and Moritz have felt at home in many unique places. Accompanied by their son Solly and their dog Pepper, they have travelled around the world in a van, always chasing the sun. At the beginning of 2019, the two quit their respective jobs, rented out their apartment and sold everything that was superfluous or unnecessary. All of the most important things remaining were then packed up, including their faithful companion – a camera with which they planned to capture every experience along the way. "Our jam jar moments," says Julie with a smile; that's what she calls her best memories, based on a song by the singer Kerstin Ott. Moritz has now immortalised all those jam jar moments for her in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Looking over their shoulders: A couple paging through a CEWE PHOTOBOOK.
Julie and Moritz experience a lot on their travels. Thanks to the photos, they remember the little moments many months later.

From one adventure to the next

Julie and Moritz are spontaneous people and don't think twice when it comes to choosing their next travel destination. With their Maldives trip, as an example, they decided to go there entirely on instinct and even booked the flight one day before departure. "From one adventure to the next – always from the heart," is how they describe themselves. The two now share their experiences with hundreds of thousands of followers on the internet under the name "Sol and Pepper".

Julie has an eye for great photo opportunities. After our trip, I often discover many details that I didn’t even notice when I was there.


Spontaneity and a thirst for adventure run through the pair’s lives together. It began on the first day of their relationship, continued with the surprising news of their pregnancy, and then on to planning ahead of their trip. This all culminated with the couple’s departure – with baby Sol in Julie’s arms, the dog Pepper on her lap, seated in a 20-year-old caravan that she and Moritz lovingly christened "Rolf". Packed in their bag was all the savings that should last for about a year, and so began a new life, far away from everyday routines and everything familiar. "Just going and leaving everything behind,” says Moritz, “that was the best idea of ​​our lives."

Living the dream

Julie has been involved in photography since her school days. She perfected her skills while travelling, and now captures everything with her camera: the sunsets watched from the back window of her camper, the encounters with strangers who later become friends, little Solly's first steps in the sand, Pepper bathing in the sea.

For Valentine's Day, Moritz wanted to give his Julie something special, and so he put her most beautiful pictures from their first year and a half of van-life together in a travel photography book, permanently preserving these jam jar moments, as Julie likes to call the memories. He gave the book the title "Living our dream", written in shiny gold letters on the cover. It's a an accurate title, because the two really are living their dream. They also got married – quite spontaneously, of course – so this family is very much set for the next adventure.

Moritz' design tips

Photo book cover with gold lettering "Living our dream with Sol & Pepper"

Finishing touches

A photo book is a real treasure. Using Gold Highlights for the text – which only takes one click in the CEWE Creator Software – really elevates the cover’s quality, making it look even more valuable.

Open photo book with travel pictures from the van.

Suitable text boxes

Julie always says, “There’s a story behind every photograph.” In order to tell the anecdotes, I decided to place short descriptive texts in a discreet font next to the photos, preserving all the details from our story.

Open CEWE PHOTOBOOK with photos of nature.

Transparent colour surfaces

Colours are not only for adding interest to the pages’ backgrounds. By overlapping blocks of colour over a photo with a slight transparency, colours can provide a creative accent that makes the entire CEWE PHOTOBOOK look harmonious. A tone that is also reflected in the template works best.

Open CEWE PHOTOBOOK with images in different sizes.

Picture strips

As a design element for each new chapter or for a change in your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, I recommend showcasing a large image on a double page and juxtaposing it with a strip of three photos on the opposite side. The photo strip creates a stylish, minimalist look thanks to the offset colour block and the white space.

Open CEWE PHOTOBOOK with images on the beach and on the street.

Similar poses in different places

When you are travelling to many different places in one trip, plan ahead and make sure you photograph yourself or your loved ones in the same pose. “This then becomes an image that holds symbolic value for me: no matter where we are and what changes around us, we will remain us.”

A dream team – privately and professionally

On their first date, Julie and Moritz talked about their dreams of travelling around the world. In general, they found, so many things fit between the two of them. “Julie is a real power woman – that impressed me straight away,” Moritz remembers. Julie was also blown away, saying, "Moritz is a doer – I immediately imagined that we could do anything together."

"We are lovers, parents, best friends and business partners," says Moritz, who together with Julie founded the blog Sol and Pepper, along with an Instagram page which is now followed by tens of thousands of people: "We are simply a real dream team!"

Head and shoulders image of Julie smiling


Julie has a degree in sociology and worked as a primary school teacher before leaving it all to go on the first trip. She is impatient and is always on the move, either jogging and playing volleyball. She now invests a lot of her time in the “Sol and Pepper” content, which finances the life of the van.

Julie likes: her family, being out and about, photography and nut & nougat ice cream.

Head and shoulders image of Moritz smiling


Moritz studied sports economics. He loves adventure, but finds peace when he goes fishing, and when doing yoga with Julie. His motto in life is: “It all works out somehow.”

Moritz likes his family, cooking, sports, fishing, editing videos, football and tattoos.

Head and shoulders image of Sol


Sol is sometimes called Solly or Solly Bear. Whatever the case may be, the name fits, because “sol” is Spanish for sun and that’s exactly what he is: sunshine.

Solly likes: playing, melon, building sandcastles (and destroying them), coming home to grandpa and grandma and his favourite book “Brave Brave”.

Image of Pepper, the dog.


Julie adopted Pepper in 2013 when she was seven months old. Her owners say, “Pepper has a heart of a sloth”.

Pepper likes to eat (anything), cuddle (preferably with Julie), run (with Moritz) and play (with Solly).