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a small and a large advent calendar mounted on a wall in a festively decorated room


Make this year’s Advent Calendar your best one yet

21st September 2022

The distant scent of Christmas is once again starting to fill the air as shops stock up on festive goods and the early birds among us tick more and more items off the ‘to-buy’ list. With the beginning of the festive season, we’re turning our attention to Advent Calendars, making sure we kick this year’s proceedings off with a bang! Let us take you through our range of personalised Photo Advent Calendars and inspire your Christmas of creativity with a gift for any and all of your loved ones.

Start each day with a smile

Personalise a Photo Advent Calendar with memories behind each door to enjoy throughout December. Ideal as a gift for someone special or a fun treat for yourself, our customisable Photo Advent Calendar is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Perhaps you’ve got lots of photos with a close friend or your camera roll is filled with holiday snaps with your partner? Whoever the recipient, you can use your memorable moments to make the countdown to Christmas truly meaningful. Add up to 24 individual photos behind each door and select your favourite one to showcase on the front as you get into the festive spirit.

a cat-themed photo advent calendar with photos behind each door

What makes our Photo Advent Calendars extra special is that it’s totally up to you what to include behind each door. Pick out some photos to make them smile and add personal messages with text to make it extra meaningful, or you could even spell out a special message throughout the month for them to decode on Christmas Eve. Using our Creator Software, you can also add a unique QR code to your Advent Calendar to share a video. The possibilities are endless!

Treat yourself to kinder® or Ferrero

The Advent Calendars that we’ve come to know and love are the ones containing sweet treats to enjoy each day of December, so our kinder® and Ferrero options are here to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Wave goodbye to the standard shop-bought ones and treat yourself to your own custom Advent Calendar for your home – without compromising on the chocolate! Our chocolate Advent Calendars can be personalised however you like and come filled with treats from kinder® or Ferrero.

a children's advent calendar with photos behind the doors and kinder chocolates

Ever popular with the little (and big!) kids, a personalised Advent Calendar with kinder® Chocolate is sure to go down a treat. Customise the Advent Calendar with any image of your choice; a cute portrait of your recipient, the family pet, or perhaps a drawing they made themselves. Plus, you also have the ability to choose an image to put behind each door. of your kinder® Photo Advent Calendar, meaning you don’t have to compromise on photos or chocolate throughout December.

advent calendar with ferrero chocolates showing a photo of a mountain scene

Popular as a thoughtful gift for those who like a touch of class with their Advent calendar, a personalised Ferrero chocolate calendar is filled with an assortment of tempting Ferrero treats. Plus, you can add your very own design to the front. For example, you could create something to suit your home interior colour scheme, write your favourite quote from a Christmas movie or choose a favourite photo. Create your desired look using a free online design tool like Canva, then upload into our award-winning software. Making your own personalised chocolate Advent calendar has never been easier.

New for 2022: XXL Advent Calendar with Tony´s Chocolonely

Surprise your loved ones with 27 delicious chocolate treats from Tony's Chocolonely - in a personal advent calendar featuring your favourite photo. New for this year, our XXL Advent Calendar with Tony’s Chocolonely is a Fairtrade product and 100% sustainable with completely biodegradable materials. Hurry though – this has limited availability!

Perfectly personalised for anyone

Why not Fill Your Own Advent Calendar with something personalised to your recipient? Whether it’s vegan treats, sweets, savoury snacks, toys, or small beauty products, you can create a personalised Advent Calendar that caters for absolutely anyone. You could even fill it with cat or dog treats, customising it with your favourite photo of your furry friend so they don’t miss out on the festivities! Check out our blog for even more ideas on what to include in your Fill Your Own Advent Calendar.

a personalised advent calendar with space to fill with your own gifts

Our compostable packaging is 100% sustainable

At CEWE, we take sustainability very seriously and we are incredibly proud of our green credentials, which is why we have introduced our latest update to the Advent Calendar range – compostable potato-based blister trays to replace our previous plastic version.

a personalised advent calendar to fill yourself, made from biodegradable materials

These sit neatly inside all our chocolate and fill-your-own varieties and make the post-Christmas clear up that little bit less wasteful thanks to their ability to biodegrade. You could even try using them as small plant trays and giving some seedlings a home!

Which Advent Calendar will you create?

We hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas and inspiration for creating your personalised Advent Calendar this Christmas. No matter whether you opt for a personalised chocolate Advent Calendar, a Photo Advent Calendar, or a Fill Your Own Advent Calendar, we’re sure you’ll make your loved ones smile. Don’t forget to share your festive designs with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest! Find our full range of personalised advent calendar options, ideas and inspiration here.

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