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How to Run a Digital Detox & Make the Most of Your Photos

In this digital age, we’re all taking and storing more photos than ever before. However, we may not be taking the time to appreciate the photo memories we make – with the average person only looking at 28% of the photos on their phone after they’ve been taken (from a survey conducted by The Leadership Factor with 1,003 UK adults from 7th-10th September 2018).

While previous generations may have stored their precious memories in photo albums, doing something with all the photos we take has become a dying art to some – and we want to change that. With 39%* of millennials admitting they feel overwhelmed by the number of photos they have on their phone, it could be time to give our photos a spring clean, just like we do with our wardrobes or our homes. Then the fun can really begin!

Read on for our top tips on how to do a photo detox and how it can help you declutter your phone.

Run the Initial Declutter

Our modern phones have masses of storage and the average 128GB memory card can store around 19,000 photos. With all that available space, it’s no surprise that we make the most of it, but storing thousands of average photos on your phone, from screenshots of text messages to pictures of that dinner you made three months ago, can make it easy for those stand out photo memories to get lost.

Instead of feeling like you need to delete everything in order to achieve a detox, why not take time to sort out your photos like you would your wardrobe? Go through each photo on your phone and be brutal about the ones you keep and the ones you delete. You may need to do this in stages depending on just how many photos you have. This process is full of positives as you will find lots of forgotten photos and cherished memories (which is always a nice surprise!).

Make the Most of Digital Storage

Once you’ve cut down the overall number, it is easier to sort out the remaining photos in a clearly named folder that you can quickly access. You could sort these by theme, such as family or holidays, by month or by category. This will make it much easier for you to find the photos that matter the most.

When the time comes for you to upload your imagery to a personalised photo product, you’ll thank yourself for avoiding the endless scrolling. Having a dedicated folder also allows you to store numerous options, so that you can play around with the imagery you choose to print without all the fuss. For example, if you’re after a Framed Photo Print, you’ll probably only need one photo. However, if you’re creating your very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK, you’ll need more than just a few!

Start as You Mean to Go On

If you feel like you may slip back into old photo habits, CEWE myPhotos is a secure platform for you to save, store and organise your most precious photos. Plus, you receive 10GB free if you are a CEWE customer!

Save the best moments of your life in one place and access them from anywhere at any time, with any device.

Get Printing!

In order to appreciate your photos, it’s vital to get them off your phone and printed out in a physical form. Swiping through photos on our phone might be fun but nothing beats looking through a CEWE PHOTOBOOK and reliving all the special moments they capture. Social media gives us access to hundreds of photos every day, but the ones you choose to place in your photo book is a great way to share your favourites with your family and friends.

There is a reason that photo albums became so popular, as they encourage you to take time to go through all the photos you’ve taken and pick out the truly special ones that you want to look back over again and again. And, while it’s always recommended to back up any digital photos you take, a physical CEWE PHOTOBOOK of your photos will help ensure those memories are never lost.

Turn Digital into Physical

To truly cherish your memories and be taken back to those happy moments each day, why not display them throughout your home? If you stumbled across a particularly poignant photo or beautiful landscape during your digital detox that you don’t want to lose sight of, a beautiful piece of Wall Art will transform your room in an instant while personalising your space.

Now you have a whole host of Photo Prints at your hands, why not place them around your home for an everyday pick-me-up? Having your photos in this printed form means that you’ll never be far from reliving all of your most cherished memories.

Top Tip: For an instant mood booster, tuck Photo Prints into your mirror frame. Quick, easy and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Over to You…

Now that you’ve successfully completed a digital detox, this is where you can get creative. Whether you choose to celebrate your detox with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK or have just been inspired to print a collection of Photo Prints, enjoy feeling connected to the memories stored on your phone and bring them to life.

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