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Baby photo book inspiration

Photobook Inspiration

How to create a personalised baby photo book

2nd January 2020

Keeping a baby memory book is a wonderful way to document a little one’s early years in life, and provides a special keepsake to be enjoyed for years and years. Many of us will remember the tradition of keeping a lock of baby’s hair and their tiny hospital bracelet in a book – you may even still have yours – and we’ve got some ideas on how to bring the baby book bang up to date with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, whilst keeping that traditional feel.

Read on for our tips on making your own personalised baby memory book!

What to include in your baby photo book

You can use your baby book to record all kinds of meaningful moments – you might like to include a picture of your first ultrasound or a scanned copy of your baby’s birth certificate.

Think about special items that you’ll love to look back on and either take a photo or scan them into your computer to keep hold of forever. This makes for an ideal way to create a book that can be displayed on the coffee table without being cumbersome and bulky! Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

  • Height and weight measurements
  • Their first word
  • Things mum craved while she was pregnant with baby
  • Photos of their first birthday and first Christmas
  • A note from mum and dad
  • Monthly/yearly update pictures
  • Some facts about the day they were born, e.g. number one song, newspaper headlines, current Prime Minister

Add your own handwritten details

Whilst you may be worried about your baby book feeling less personal than the traditional written journal, we think digital customisation gives you the platform to be even more creative and unique.

Our first top tip for keeping a personalised feel is to create your photo book using matte paper so it can easily be written on. You can leave space to fill in key milestones, dates and memories later on, and with the CEWE Creator Software, your design possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination!

Book with baby name ideas

Document a period of time

We’re sure time somehow speeds up when you have a child, so a personalised baby book is a wonderful way to record those precious newborn days, capturing their first smiles, sleepy eyes and meeting the family for the very first time. Life with a newborn is often a bit of a blur, but collating all of your special pictures and moments in an album can help you take a moment to slow down and keep track of those special days that whizz by so quickly.

Baby memory book

If you’ve got a toddler or little one that’s a bit older, why not document a longer period of their life, such as their first five years? As well as showing all their first milestones growing up, you’ll be able to add in a photo of their first day at school and properly document their journey as they grow from a baby into their own little person.

Baby photo book

We also love the idea of collating photos from each year of their life to create a series of yearbooks. For a more in-depth record of everything they’ve been up to and achieved, round up all the photographic evidence you can find from the past year and document it all for them to enjoy again. A yearbook makes a wonderful annual birthday or Christmas gift, and you might just start a tradition they’ll continue for the rest of their life!

Baby yearbook

Add Different Design Elements

One of the best things about the CEWE Creator Software is the array of backgrounds, clip art, masks and frames for you to use to bring your creation to life. There are endless combinations of design elements to use to feature your images, add colour to your pages and draw attention to areas of text.

Baby clip art

We recommend looking in the ‘Clipart’ section in the left-hand menu and using the drop-down list to find the ‘Baby’ category. Don’t forget, you can download even more design elements using the red ‘More’ button! Use your clip art to customise the inside of your book and add a unique touch. Learn more about using additional design features in our handy tutorial video here.

If you’re planning to write inside your photo book, be sure to leave areas blank where you can add additional content by hand – we recommend adding a large text box or shape to the page to make it clear where your writing will go. Why not add prompts such as the baby’s weight and height that can be added in manually?

Add the finishing touch

If there’s one more thing that can take your baby memory book up a notch, it’s our gloss or metallic Highlights! Made for special occasions, Highlights add a tactile finish to the cover of your CEWE PHOTOBOOK that glimmer in the light and feel irresistible to the touch.

You can add Highlights to various text, clip art, mask and frames on your book cover – just use the ‘Select Highlights’ button on the top toolbar in the CEWE Software and choose from gloss, silver or gold. We can’t promise you won’t fall in love with your book!

It’s also worth noting that you can use our software to add video to your book that you can watch on your smartphone by scanning a QR code. This will allow you to really bring your book to life with special snippets that will transport you right back to the moment they were recorded.

Perhaps you managed to catch your little one’s first steps, first smile or giggle on camera? Luckily, you won’t need to worry about losing track of these precious memories as time goes by – you can keep them with you to relive time and time again in your CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Baby photo book with Highlights

A thoughtful gift

For anyone close to the baby in heart but far away in distance, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK full of special photos, facts and nuggets of information is a hugely meaningful way to help them share in this precious time while they’re still small. Perhaps their grandparents live a few hours away or their godparent is often out of the country – this doesn’t need to be a reason for them to miss out!

Although it can’t compare to a real-life baby cuddle, our outstanding print quality will do your images the justice they deserve, making your loved ones feel almost as though they’re looking at the real thing.

Baby Photobook

Another gift idea is to create a baby memory book for the little one’s parents. It’s a well-known fact that the period after childbirth is demanding, so finding time to put a photo book together as a new parent can be a challenge. As a number one friend or family member, why not take the opportunity to create a gift that’s bound to go down a treat and will be kept and treasured forever? Hint – a baby book is a perfect present for a Christening or for baby’s first birthday!

Creating your baby record book is a joyful process and produces a result that will live on for many years to come. We think you’ll have plenty of fun pulling together all kinds of pictures, words and fun facts to create a truly special book. As always, we love to see the result of your hard work – share your creations with us via social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and happy creating!