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Alternative Wedding Photo Book Ideas

2nd July 2019

We do love a wedding – the outfits, the decorations, and most of all… the photo albums! Whether you're getting married or attending a ceremony, high quality photobooks are incredibly versatile story-tellers! If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your wedding, take a look at our handpicked ideas for alternative wedding photo books, from hen party gifts to wedding day mementos.

Personalised Wedding Programme

The idea of giving your wedding guests a mini guide to the day is becoming increasingly popular, with many couples opting to offer a ‘wedding programme’ to everyone who attends their ceremony. We fell in love with this wedding programme, which includes the couple’s story, photos from their time together and an introduction to the bridesmaids and best man. Also featured is handy information such as the timings of the day, the order of service and the readings. The perfect pocket guide to your wedding and a thoughtful keepsake for your guests too!

Small Photo Book as a Thank You Gift

For those extra-special people that deserve a little more than just a thank you card, we think a small photo book which can be designed into a mini wedding album hits just the right note. Ideal for parents, friends and bridesmaids, you can keep the happy memories alive for years to come thanks to our high-quality printing process. Not only can you rest assured that your photos will look just as good as the full-sized album, it’s also incredibly easy to scale it down to create a smaller copy using the CEWE Design Software! Just open your large book and change the book type to a smaller size, then our helpful software will do the rest.


Personalised Wedding Guest Book

Personal touches make a wedding even more special, and we love the idea of personalising your wedding guest book to make it more intimate. Instead of ending up with a deluge of well wishes, take the opportunity to pick your guests’ brains! Ask them to record happy memories, tips for the future, words of wisdom and even baby name ideas to really get the most out of your guest book. Remember, this is something you’ll fondly look back on in years to come, and what better opportunity will you get to have all your loved ones’ thoughts and advice collected together?

Top tip – Be sure to select matte paper for a surface that’s nice and easy to write on.

XXL Landscape CEWE PHOTOBOOK with True Matte paper

Give the Gift of a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

If you’re attending a wedding and you’re in need of some wedding gift inspiration, we might just have the perfect idea for you! Create a special CEWE PHOTOBOOK to give to the happy couple for a unique gift that’s infinitely more meaningful than a kettle or a set of crockery. You could include photos of them as children, happy times you’ve shared with them or something a little different, such as this amazing cookbook from the CEWE Community. CEWE customer Rosie collated each member of the hen party’s favourite recipes as a gift for the bride on her hen do, and we absolutely love the result.

Paper Wedding Anniversary

Did you know that in the UK, the material traditionally given to celebrate a second wedding anniversary is paper? Naturally, we think this is the perfect excuse to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK! Gather together photos from the couple’s honeymoon, wedding day and other interesting occasions from the two years since their wedding for a thoughtful paper wedding anniversary gift that is sure to go down a treat.

Top tip – If you’re stuck for photos to include, do some detective work and use photos from their social media accounts to create the perfect collection of their favourite snaps!

As always, we love to see your creations, so be sure to share photos of your alternative wedding photo books with us on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter You can also upload your book to the CEWE Community to receive a £10 CEWE voucher towards your next project.