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Gift Ideas

Music-Lovers’ Top 5 DIY Gifts to Make After a Concert

29th February 2016

Your favourite artist is about to come on stage – your heart’s pounding, goosebumps are building, the atmosphere is electric, and suddenly you get the urge to scream like you’ve never screamed before. That high pitched “aghhhhhhh”… SUCCESS! You feel like you’re in your teens again and you’ve never felt better; your mobile has full battery and you’re not going to miss a minute. Hands down, BEST MOMENT EVER!

So what do you do with all the photos once you’re home? Let us guess… are they on your phone, camera or social media channels? The tickets crumpled in your pocket or perhaps in the bin – the months of planning, booking and talking about it is over with a huge bang. Well, it doesn’t have to be!

We’ve scoured the web and compiled our top 5 easy-to-make gifts for music-lovers everywhere. Whether it’s for you or a gift to your friend, it’s time to ensure your biggest feel-good music moments are cherished forever.

Keep your tickets safe in a shadow box

A fantastic way to showcase all the events you’ve been to and keep your tickets safe as a memory for the future. Even better, these boxes are easily customisable, so whether for you or a gift for your friend you can personalise it as much as you like!

Shadow frame with concert tickets and memorabilia inside

Frame your biggest idol’s concert ticket

Sometimes the simplest things are best and this frame would make the perfect gift to remember that night out together. Imagine having those Adele tickets in a frame on your wall – oh, how your friends would be jealous!

Box frame with concert tickets inside

Display your photos like your guitar hero

Strum your way to creativity! Ah, we love this one. Super easy to create, all you need to do now is select the pictures you want on your wall and get them printed.

photographs on a wall displayed on strings to mimic guitar strings

Capture it all in a photo book

Pop your photos straight into a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. With our helpful assistant built into the software – it couldn’t be easier! A great talking point for morning coffees after the school run!

landscape CEWE PHOTOBOOK with live music photos

Shake it like a retro picture!

Do you Instagram every picture and love a good filter? Us too! Then you should try printing off your Instagram photos in a retro style and displaying them on a wired frame. If this is your thing, we’ve created a how-to guide to make this yourself.

a wire frame with square bordered prints displayed with pegs

Have you got any other creative ways of showcasing your tickets or photos after a music concert? Tell us in the comments, we’re always looking for some new ideas!

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