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Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas

24th July 2018

Birthdays provide the perfect opportunity to treat your loved ones to gifts you know they deserve. Although some birthdays are obviously more significant than others, and should be marked appropriately. But what should you get for milestone birthdays? We’ve selected 5 of our favourite milestone birthday gift ideas – so versatile they can be applied to suit all your loved ones, no matter how old they are (or say they are!)

Preserve Memories in a Photo Book

Photo Books are a wonderful way to preserve your loved ones’ special memories. They’re a great gift, and are perfect for anyone, no matter their age.

milestone birthday gift ideas

A baby’s first year can go by so fast – it’s almost a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’. Take the time to capture all the precious memories from their first year and preserve them in a professional looking photo book. While it may not be a gift they can use at the time, when they’re a little older they’ll love looking back at the photos with Mum and Dad to see how much they’ve changed.

We’d recommend making a photo book with gloss finish pages – they’re much easier to wipe clean if sticky hands get hold of them! You could even include videos of highlights throughout the year – why not save the memory of them taking their first steps? Use our free downloadable software to create and easily add your videos to your photo book using a QR code. They’ll be stored safely online, and ready to view just by scanning the code with your mobile device.

Photo Books aren’t just a great option for babies – they’re a wonderful way to mark any milestone birthday. For a relative’s 40th or 50th birthday, why not collaborate with the family and create a photo book for them – with each person responsible for a page? Choose your favourite photos of you and them together, with heartfelt messages to go alongside. They’ll love flicking through and seeing photos with all their loved ones with all the nice things written about them.

Treat Them to Some Tasteful Wall Art

Personalised wall art is a great option for an 18th or 21st birthday. If they’re off to university or have flown the nest and moved out of the family home, get them something nice to display on their walls. If it’s their 18th birthday, create a piece of wall art highlighting 18 things you love about them, or 18 of their favourite childhood memories. Every time they see it, they’ll think of you and home with a smile. Self-adhesive wall art is the perfect option for this – no nails or Blu Tack are needed, making it ideal for rental or student accommodation.

Wall art is a fantastic milestone birthday gift idea as well for someone turning 30. This is around the age where they’re thinking about buying, or recently bought, their first home. Framed prints will look great in their new home – and will really mean something to them. If they’re a big sports fan, get them a souvenir of their favourite team. If they’re more of a travel fanatic, their favourite cityscape would work wonderfully.

Cook up a Treat with their Own Recipe Book

unusual milestone birthday gift ideas

For a young adult heading off to university, being able to make delicious and (sometimes) healthy meals is very important. They’ll love their very own cookery book, filled with delicious recipes they can cook for themselves and their new friends. If they’re missing home comforts and cooking, this will be the next best thing – the chance to recreate their favourite dishes for themselves.

For 60th birthday gift ideas, and beyond, why not make them a cookbook, full of their favourite childhood recipes? This is great for bringing back any recipes from their childhood that have gone out of fashion now, letting them reminisce about times gone by. Savouries such as an Irish stew, with sweet dishes like a Black Forest Gateau will make their taste buds tingle.

Surprise Them with a Recap of the News

If you’re wondering what to get someone for their 50th birthday, why not make them a scrap book of events that happened throughout history on their birthday. Get copies of newspaper headlines and present them all in a book – with so many important historical events happening throughout their lifetime, they’ll be surprised to learn exactly what happened on all their birthdays.

A collection of headlines would work just as well as a piece of wall art. Why not have the front page of your chosen newspaper from the day they were born with headlines from other years dotted around? They may not know that they share a birthday with the anniversary of the first moon landing, the invention of the internet or their country winning a world cup. For clarity, add some text to show what year the headline is from (if it isn’t obvious!)

Give Them an Experience They Won’t Forget

50th birthday ideas

Experiences are great milestone birthday gifts for your 40+ loved ones. The saying goes that life begins at 40, so they’ll want to dispel any myths that they’re getting old! Exhilarating experiences will keep them feeling youthful. Unwrapping physical gifts may not quite have the ‘wow’ factor it used to, so experiences are a great way to make memories.

Give them the opportunity to do something they’ve always wanted to do. Treat a car lover to the opportunity to drive the car of their dreams on a racing track, or an off-road driving experience. Experiences around learning new skills are a great option – give an arts and craft fan the chance to expand their repertoire by treating them to a pottery making course.

And for bonus points, take as many photos of them as you can and preserve them in a photo book – so they can look back at a wonderful birthday for years to come.

Getting inspiration for milestone birthday gift ideas isn’t always easy, but hopefully our advice will help you choose something special to mark their day. From 50th birthday ideas to knowing what to buy for a 1 year old, we’re here to help. If you decide to give them their very own personalised Photo Book, download our CEWE Design Software today.

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