CEWE Top 10 Most Instagrammed Places

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1 - #EiffelTower

Instagrammed 5.9m+ times

This French landmark shows the exquisiteness of Art Nouveau and history of Paris. Take a lift to the top for the ulimate selfie in this iconic city.

2 - #BigBen

Instagrammed 3m+ times

This iconic bell within the newly named Elizabeth Tower is recognised worldwide. Head over to the London Eye for an opportunity to see Big Ben from up high!

3 - #GoldenGateBridge

Instagrammed 2.6m+ times

Don't miss out on a spectacular photo of this well-known San Francisco landmark. Head to the beach and snap away, whilst watching the boats sailing underneath.

4 - #BurjKhalifa

Instagrammed 3.5m+ times

The Burj Khalifa stands three times taller than the Eiffel Tower! Come day or night, the observatory deck allows you to capture the stunning modern architecture across Dubai.

5 - #NotreDame

Instagrammed 2.7m+ times

Attracting thousands of tourists, you’ll want to head to the square behind the cathedral for a more private photo with this landmark.

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alhambra cewephotoworld

6 - #Alhambra

Instagrammed 1.3m+ times

As one of Spain's more enchanting UNESCO sites, you'll appreciate the awe-inspiring walkways within this half palace, half fort.

7 - #MachuPicchu

Instagrammed 1.5m+ times

Test your panoramic photography skills! For the perfect backdrop of the Andes in your photos, get up high to the Sun Gate or Wayna Picchu.

8 - #AngkorWat

Instagrammed 1.3m+ times

As the largest temple complex in the world, Angkor Wat is a photographers paradise. Stand at the top of Phnom Bakheng at sunset for the best photos.

9 - #TajMahal

Instagrammed 1.2m+ times

As the sun burns through the Indian haze, the Taj Mahal will appear a gorgeous golden colour that will bring your photos to life!

10 - #Acropolis

Instagrammed 1.1m+ times

Athens' greatest ancient landmark can be seen across the city and stirs the soul of travellers looking for that perfect historical snap.

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CEWE Instagrammed Top Places