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Trend Alert – What is Photojournaling?

24th June 2020

photojournalA journal in the form of a collection of photographs that tell a story.

We recently conducted a study that revealed that 56% of us feel happy when looking at photos and 31% of people find looking at photos relaxing. With that being said, creating a photo journal is a creative way to boost your mood and put your photos into action!

Plus, the idea of photos making us feel good is officially backed by science too. Behavioural Psychologist, Jo Hemmings, says that looking back at our favourite photos ‘reduces our stress and enhances our mood and overall well-being.’ If you want to read more about the science behind our research, head on over to the blog.

What is the Difference Between a Photo Journal and a Scrapbook?

stacks of old, vintage photographs

A photo journal is a creative way to retell a specific event or memory by collating all of the photos and memorabilia related to the selected time period. A scrapbook usually has a much broader topic and can be continually worked on.

A scrapbook may also incorporate lots of different mediums including illustrations, sketches and paintings, whereas a photo journal focuses on what it says in the name – photos!

A typical photo journal has a higher rate of text to photo than a scrapbook too, as you use the space alongside the images to document whats happening in the photo. It is also a great space to talk about the chronological events that unfolded. For example, next to a photo of a landscape, why not document what you felt at the time and what you did next? You’ll thank yourself for the narration when you look back over it in years to come.

Get Started with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

large landscape wedding photo book with line drawings and illustrations

When it comes to photo journalling, the bigger the better! Choosing a larger format photo book gives you more space to work with. Anything from a Large Landscape or XXL Portrait is simply ideal. Remember, you’ll need to compensate for text and any other items you wish to stick into the book after you’ve printed it.

Top tip: A Lay Flat CEWE PHOTOBOOK will make it easier when adding extra items to your photo journal.

Preserve a Holiday or Special Event with a Photo Journal

Have you enjoyed a festival, a holiday in the sun (or even the snow!) and want to remember the occasion for years to come? A photo journal is the best way to document those treasured memories and reflect on the happy times while you can still remember all those small details.

Use the space in your photo journal to add items such as wristbands, tickets, stubs, leaflets – and anything else you can get your hands on to commemorate the trip.

festival photobook with pictures of two friends in costume, along with ticket stubs, wristbands and text

Capture Their First Year with a Photo Journal

Any parent will tell you that the years fly by when it comes to your little one growing up – especially the first year! Through the disrupted sleep (or lack of sleep) to the ever evolving nature of their growth, it may be hard to truly dedicate time to remembering the little moments. This is where a photo journal comes in!

baby photo book with pictures and text showing a baby's first year and milestones

Your camera roll is naturally going to be filled with endless photos of their cutest moments, so use this as your starting point. The CEWE myPhotos app allows you to keep all of your favourite photos in one place, saving you both time and effort!

The CEWE Creator Software allows you to save and return to your project so you can decide on the logistics of your creation. Whether you spend an hour a month selecting the best photos, or decide to do it all in one go at the end of the year, your photo journal is in your control.

A photo journal of their first year(s) also makes a great gift idea to those who may not see you as much as they’d like. Simply create and send to their house using their address as the delivery address. Remember to order one for yourself too!

Our Top Tips for Photo Journaling

Organise Your Photos Beforehand

laptop with family photos on screen

Before you add your photos to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, we recommend taking the time to sort through the ones you want to include and save them to a separate file. That way you can get stuck in – especially if you choose to use the Assistant Tool which automatically sorts your photos for you.

Decide if You Want to Use a Template

person using CEWE creator software on a laptop

Do you want full control of your photo book or would you like a little help with the layout? If you’d prefer to have some creative structure, the CEWE Creator Software has a wide range of templates you can apply to your photo journal.

Document Your Story with Text

photo book with blank text boxes in different shapes, creating space for handwritten notes

As you are creating your photo journal, you can either add text as you go, or save space to hand write your entries. When you’re documenting your photo journal, try to remember as much as the moment or event as you can. This is where the journalling supports your photo memories!

Top tip: If you are planning to print your photos in the photo journal and write the text in afterwards, we’d recommend using Matte Photographic Paper as it won’t smudge as much when dry!

Leave Space for Memorabilia

If you have picked up items such as retro prints, photo booth prints, tickets or leaflets – add them to your journal too. Remember to leave space for these as you’re planning out your pages and then enjoy sticking them in when you receive your photo book. It’s a great way to keep all of your treasured keepsakes in one place too.

Add Stickers!

retro prints made into a photo display with stickers and captions

If you want to add a splash of collage inspiration to your photo journal, stickers are a simple, yet creative way to decorate your pages. Whether you decide to print your very own Photo Stickers or have a whole collection just waiting to be used, you can place them wherever you wish for extra design points.

CEWE PHOTOBOOK – The Ideal Photo Journal

Now you’re clued up on the wonderful benefits of photo journaling, it’s time to start your very own! From documenting your favourite holiday, making a journal of your summer to a festival or their first years, a photo journal is the ideal way to document that treasured moment in time. It’s time to choose your CEWE PHOTOBOOK and get creating.

a strip of mini prints with photos of a smiling woman

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