Fun and Thoughtful Ways to Announce a New Arrival

8th July 2020

A new addition to the family is a very exciting time and part of that excitement is sharing the arrival with those closest to you. From photos of their first few hours to settling into their new home, capture the story of your little one’s first experiences for all your family and friends to enjoy.

However, it’s not always possible to have your loved ones with you in these moments of joy, which is why we think it’s important to announce your arrival in a very special way.

From collating these precious moments in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK or sending a beautiful piece of Wall Art in the post, you can make sure that those you love are included in the celebrations.

Create Their Very Own CEWE PHOTOBOOK

In this modern era, it can become all too easy to forget how incredible it is to print your photos and hold them in the palm of your hand. Document their first few weeks by selecting your favourite photos from the hundreds you’ve taken and compose them in a photo book.

Pro tip: Turn your album into a video photo book by including video recordings nestled between the pages of your creation.

Not only is this a thoughtful way to introduce your little one to those who can’t be near, it is also a great way to preserve those early moments for you to look back on (especially when you catch up on sleep and can reflect on those bleary-eyed memories!)

A CEWE PHOTOBOOK is available in a range of sizes, from XXL Landscape to Small, which means that you can create something that is fit for any type of announcement.

Great for Grandparents

If your little one’s grandparents are further away than you would like, popping a photo book in the post that is filled with photographs of their new grandchild is sure to brighten up their day from far away.

A physical photo book is also a great solution if they aren’t too skilled with technology or are a self-confessed technophobe! Once they’ve flicked through the photos to their heart’s content and gushed over their new grandchild, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK also allows them to share the baby joy with their friends too.

A Square CEWE PHOTOBOOK is great for grandparents, godparents or family members that you’re particularly close to in heart, but maybe not in distance.

Perfect for the Post

If you have a family on the larger side, or just a lot of friends who you want to introduce your newborn to, a Small CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the ideal size to place in an envelope and post. Whether you order your photo book(s) to your home or directly to them, it is guaranteed to brighten up their day as it lands on their door mat.

A Picture Perfect Framed Print

If you want your announcement to double up as a sentimental gift at the same time, a Framed Print is the perfect combination. Whether you choose a photo of the sleepy newborn or an adorable family shot, a Framed Print is a memorable way to commemorate the occasion!

A Collage of Their First Days

If you’re struggling to pick just one photo (as they’re all just so cute!), there is a creative way to include all of your favourites in the big announcement.

A Collage Photo Poster allows you to add up to 27 images so you do not have to spend hours selecting one favourite photo. With four sizes to choose from and a whole host of templates, you can document their first days or weeks in one place – and on their wall!

Your Arrival, Your Announcement

However you decide to announce your new arrival, make sure everyone you love is involved in the celebrations. Fun, thoughtful and preserved for a lifetime, photo gifts will ensure that your most special moments are given the showcase they deserve.

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