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A homemade memo board with photo prints hangs on the wall. Next to the memo board frame, there are some desk utensils on a small table.


Photo Memo Board: Showcase Your Moments of Happiness

7th June 2021

Create a flexible space for your favourite photos using a picture frame and various photo prints.

With a picture frame, some elastic cord or string and a variety of Photo Prints, you can create a decorative photo memo board for your room. The beauty of this is that you can interchange and add new memories to your DIY memo board as often as you like, keeping it up-to-date and displaying your most recent photos and special moments.

What you’ll need:

On a table are photo prints in various formats, a wooden picture frame, scissors, elastic cord, screw hooks and letter cubes.
Choose a variety of Photo Print formats to add to your memo board.

Step 1: Fasten Screw Hooks into the Picture Frame

Begin by adding small screw hooks to the inside of your picture frame. Don’t worry about spacing them out evenly, as the different distances will provide a unique guide for the elastic cord in the next step. Make sure to secure them firmly in place. The number of hooks you use will depend on the size of your wooden frame - we've used ten for our memo board.

Close-up of a hand screwing a small screw hook into the inside of a wooden picture frame.
Turn the screw hooks firmly into the picture frame.

Step 2: Add the Cord or String

Secure the end of the elastic cord onto a hook of your choice with a knot. From there, guide the cord diagonally to the other side of the frame to the next hook and back again until you reach the last hook. Fasten off with a knot and ensure that there is enough tension.

Two hands guide an elastic cord around screw hooks. These are screwed into a wooden picture frame. Next to the picture frame are photo prints.
The elastic cord or string forms a net into which you insert your photo prints.

Step 3: Create a 'Net'

Reattach the elastic cord and guide it from hook to hook, in no particular order, until you've formed a ‘net’ – you could also call it a ‘web’! Be sure to create different sized gaps with the cord as this will be where you’ll insert your photo prints later on. Remember to keep checking the tension of the elastic cord too – you don’t want it too loose as your photos won’t stay in place!

Two hands have created a net with elastic cord within the picture frame. Next to the frame are photo prints in different formats.
The net you create with the elastic cord is perfect for photos of different sizes.

Step 4: Add Decorative Elements

With the help of small lettered beads, you can add personalised names, meaningful messages or descriptive words to your memo board for a truly personal touch. Think of words that will help you to relive those special memories featured in your photos. The elastic cord is also strong enough to support small pendants and clips, perfect for adding any tickets or handwritten notes to your memo board too.

Close-up of two hands threading lettered cubes on an elastic cord. On the lettered beads, the words "good times" are created.
Add meaningful words or messages to your memo board.

Step 5: Position Your Photos

Carefully slide your photos between the elastic cord or string to position them within the gaps of your net. We love the idea of using a variety of different sized photo prints distributed at random for a truly unique display. You could use prints like our Mini Photo Strips, Fine Art Matte Prints, as well as Retro Prints and Square Prints – perfect for making your new wall decoration as unique and as special as the memories you’ve featured.

Top Tip: Keep your photo memo board updated with any new memories you’ve made recently. Simply have your most recent special memories printed and replace the previous ones on your memo board in seconds.

Perfectly imperfect: Distribute your photo prints at random.

Create Your Own Photo Memo Board
We hope you feel inspired to try this DIY photo memo board out for yourself. If you do, don't forget to share your creation by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest - enjoy creating!