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A gallery wall of family photos in a living room


Personalised Wall Art to Suit Your Space

29th January 2020

The new year is a time for reflection and introspection for many of us. We resolve to revitalise many aspects of ourselves from our careers to our health, but many of us also choose to breathe new life into our living space by embracing the mantra “New Year, New Home”; and what better way to do it than with personalised wall art? It’s a brilliantly simple way to reinvigorate your home’s décor, as the right piece of wall art can really draw the eye of visitors, pull together your space and make your home much more inviting.

We’ve got a wide range of unique high-quality wall art finishes for you to choose from to suit any taste or style of interior décor. In this blog we’re going to recommend the perfect pieces to refresh your living space, based on a variety of décor styles and the space you have to work with. If you’re looking for more creative inspiration, be sure to read our blog about 2020 design trends for wall art and prints.

Synchronising Colour Schemes with Colour in Your Photography

hexxas wall prints used within a natural toned bedroom

One of the most important factors for achieving harmony between the pieces of wall art you choose and your own décor is attention to colour. The right colours will make your pieces stand out as focal points in the space, but not in a way that’s overpowering. The wrong colours can end up feeling washed out or even sticking out like a sore thumb.

Some tips from Kristen and David of DIY Cozy Home:

  • Try not to exceed four colours, so you achieve a pulled-together look.
  • Introduce new colours in pairs or trios.
  • Neon or bright pieces stand out on neutral backgrounds.
  • Use frames to emphasise an art piece.

Personalised Wall Art for Small Spaces

Silver framed photo print of lake and mountains hanging above table

If you’ve not got a lot of space to work with, such as in a hallway or a small protruding wall, we’d recommend using a single large piece of wall art to maximise the effect and act as the focal point of the space. One extra tip for wall art in small spaces is to use a shot of nature or a landscape, like a window to the forest, desert, or beach, anything with an expansive shot of nature will open up the room. black framed photo print of city

Framed Prints

A single Framed Print is the perfect choice here, as one of our most versatile styles of personalised wall art. Your photo will be printed onto premium quality 260gsm satin paper with a semi-gloss finish, perfect for bringing out the vibrant colours of your shot.

Wall Art for Rustic or Country Homes

If you’re in a country home or one with more rustic décor, it’s important that the personalised wall art you create blends well into the existing style. Opting for pieces with more of a natural appearance and texture will truly allow your piece to blend seamlessly into your décor and enhance the effect. We’ve got a number of wall art finishes that would be perfect for a country style:

wood photo print of 2 horses on the beach

Wood Photo Prints

Our first choice for a piece of personalised wall art perfect for a rustic living space would be our Wood Photo Prints. Available in nine sizes in both landscape and square formats and printed directly onto a 4cm-thick FSC-Certified Sustainable piece of real pinewood, our wood prints would fit into any country-style home perfectly. The natural grain and vibrant colours of the print will allow your piece to both fit perfectly into your décor and add a wonderful decorative centrepiece that truly ties the room together.

fox photo printed onto wood panels

Framed Canvas Prints

Our Framed Canvas Prints would make a wonderful addition to a country kitchen or home, due to the unique texture of the premium polycotton canvas as well as the frame which makes your piece further stand out against the wall and comes in six varieties, so you can select the style that best suits your colour scheme. All CEWE Canvas Prints are handmade in-house by our team of experts. Our highly-advanced 12 colour printing process onto 340gsm premium polycotton canvas produces stunning colour vibrance. Plus, every canvas is stretched around a sustainably-sourced, real pinewood frame.

framed canvas print

Wall Art for Modern Living Spaces

If you’re looking for a piece of wall art to freshen up a more modern living space, you should opt for a piece that maintains the sleek, clean style of the rest of your décor. We’ve got a number of wall art styles that would be perfect for a modern home:

4 panel wall art made of 4 photos from south african safari

Acrylic Prints

Our Acrylic Prints are the number one choice when looking to create a piece of personalised wall art to mesh well with a more modern style of interior décor. Digitally printed directly onto 5mm acrylic glass, the vibrant colours in your shots are brought out beautifully, especially if the piece is set in an area of your home with plenty of natural lighting. As the material allows light to pass through it, you’ll see a real 3D depth effect added to your photo which will make your piece pack a real punch.

Personalised Acrylic Prints

Foam Board Prints

Another excellent choice for a modern piece of wall art would be our Foam Board Photo Prints. They’re digitally printed using high-resolution 7 colour printing and directly onto sturdy 5mm foam board, which lends your piece a subtle high-quality matte finish. What’s more, they’re lightweight, making them perfect if you ever need to move or simply want to re-jig the artwork you’ve got on display in your home.

foam board prints

Wall Art for Large Spaces: The Home of Statement Pieces

If you’ve got a large wall space or room to work with for your new piece(s) of wall art, then the creative options open to you are far greater. In a space like this such as your living room or dining room, which will be the primary place to entertain guests, this is where you should invest the most time and money into getting things right. A statement piece such as an oversized piece of wall art will act as the focal point of a wall or room, bringing the space together aesthetically but also as a great conversation starter.

Whether your statement piece is standalone or the centrepiece of a gallery wall, there are a few points to note. It should contrast and complement your décor’s existing colour scheme, with bold, vibrant and powerful colours. If the rest of the space’s design is very “flat”, consider adding texture using a print of a painting, or one of our more “3D” pieces such as Acrylic Prints, Gallery Prints or Canvas Prints.

Wall Art for Large Spaces: The Home of Statement Pieces

Gallery Prints

For your very best photographic masterpieces you want to use to make a real statement in your home, look no further than a Gallery Print. Our Gallery Prints are the premier style of wall art in our range, combining the 3D depth effect and colour vibrancy of an Acrylic Print, backed by the strength of Aluminium Di-bond, for exceptional detail brought out in stunning 3D.

Gallery photo print aluminium

Aluminium Prints

Another fantastic option for your statement piece would be an Aluminium Print. Our Aluminium Prints are digitally printed directly onto 3mm aluminium di-bond, which gives your photo a uniquely roughened textured surface with an elegantly subdued and sophisticated matte finish. We’d recommend Aluminium Prints to anyone looking to print black-and-white shots or something in a more artistic style.

Gallery photo print aluminium


The most unique entry in our Wall Art range, our latest creation hexxas beautifully combines current geometric trends and the high-quality personalised touch we’re known for. You can arrange hexxas in any way you’d like, using several tiles to display a single image, or creating a collage of different photos. Printed digitally onto 5mm foam board and available in two sizes, we also provide a Y-piece with your order to help you evenly arrange your hexxas with ease. What’s more, we were honoured with 2019’s “Best Photo Print Service” award by TIPA, the most highly-regarded honour in our industry.

hexxas photo prints

A Gallery Wall

One of the most ambitious ways to make a real statement with wall art in your interior décor is to create a gallery wall. It can be difficult to create a cohesive design using multiple pieces, but when done correctly a gallery wall can truly bring a room to life. Don’t worry if creating an entire gallery wall from scratch is intimidating, as it need not be. Many people find it easier to start with the larger pieces and work their way down from there. If you’d like more inspiration around designing a gallery wall for your home.

framed photo prints display as a gallery wall in a family living room

Wall Art for Bedrooms

In contrast to the other rooms in your home, where we often choose pieces of wall art that will really stand out amongst the rest of the décor, in bedrooms it’s better to choose pieces that blend into their surroundings more. This will allow the piece(s) to instil a soothing, tranquil atmosphere into the room.

“Look for abstract pieces with soothing colours or tones. If you are into photography, landscapes or desaturated photos work best. Keep the frames minimal–a gallery frame or canvases work great as well. Here, we want to focus on the art piece itself and not so much its vessel.” The Spruce

Some of our best pieces of wall art for bedrooms include:

photo gallery wall black and white prints

Multi-Panel Canvas

Multi-Panel Canvas Prints are an excellent way to achieve this tranquil aesthetic with your wall art, as the gaps between the pieces you hang will allow the image to blend into the background far more seamlessly, achieving the desired effect of a piece that adds an artistic touch to your space without being overpowering.

Multi-Panel Canvas Prints

Photo Posters

An excellent option for students or for children’s bedrooms, our range of high-quality Photo Posters are light and easy to move. Our posters are available in a range of six premium paper finishes. Bring your photos to life on premium poster paper available in six luxurious finishes. Vibrant colours will really be brought out on a poster with our unique Pearl finish, which gives your poster a metallic gloss effect. Or, for a more subdued effect, opt for one of our Fine Art Matte posters, excellent for black & white photography. The best choice for anyone on a budget that still demands professional print quality.

We hope we’ve inspired those of you that are looking to revitalise your living space with wall art in 2020. If you’ve created something you’re truly proud of, why not share it with us? We’d love to see any of your creations. Find us on social media via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

photo poster