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Desk overhaul – transform your office space into a personal haven

30th December 2020

We spend a lot of time at work. Around 3,515 days to be exact – that’s nearly 85,000 hours across our lifetime! Whether you’re working from the office or have moved your working life into your home, it’s important to make sure you have a dedicated space that ticks all your boxes. You’ll need to be comfortable, consider any potential distractions, and also add a bit of personality to your work space to help make your day that little brighter.

We’ve put together our top five ways to overhaul your desk space and decorate your home office with a few simple touches.

1) Style Your Surroundings

Transform your work space with your own personalised home office wall décor. Have your favourite motivational quote on the wall as an artistic Framed Print for an instant dose of inspiration each time you look up from your work screen. Go a step further and add more personality to your blank wall with an impressive gallery wall – an arrangement of Wall Art pieces displayed creatively. Showcase your favourite family photos and cherished memories in a variety of different sized Framed Prints, in both portrait and landscape, to entwine your social and work life effortlessly.

As suggested by Ideal Home, bringing a touch of home into your office space will help to “ensure [it] still feels like a part of the original room” – the perfect way to make working from home feel less corporate and more comfortable! Read our blog for more tips on creating the best gallery wall for your office space.

pastel themed home office with wall art and organised stationery

2) Get Organised

What is work without meetings? We understand that you can easily access all your work appointments and meetings on your digital calendar via your computer or another device, but it’s good to keep track of your week and important dates with a physical calendar. Hang a personalised Wall Photo Calendar near your desk at home to bring your home and work lives together seamlessly. If there’s no available wall space, especially when you’re at your actual office away from home, we recommend choosing a personalised Desktop Photo Calendar to brighten up your desk with your favourite photos.

Enjoy a new photo every month and reflect on treasured memories as you work. It’s both practical and personal – the perfect way to decorate your home office space. Plus, our wooden desk calendar is made with 100% recycled materials, so if you're after a stylish addition to your desk, we've got you covered.

slim and small wall calendars, photo desk calendar

3) DIY Home Office Décor

You can never have too many photos! In addition to a personalised calendar that showcases just a photo every month, add to your home office décor by displaying more of your favourite photos as prints too. We love a modern wire notice board, also known as a wire mesh panel, to clip your images and work memos to for an aesthetic, Scandinavian feel. Our vintage-style Retro Prints are the perfect size to pin up your best snaps. Alternatively, you can get creative with your own Fine Art Prints to bring a touch of personality to your work space.

small a4 wall calendar with photo prints, as wall decor

When it comes to the colour scheme of your home office, blue is surprisingly a great choice. Although it may seem a cold colour, blue has been known to have a calming effect on our behaviour and therefore helps to make us feel more comfortable, keeping stress levels lower – perfect for your work environment! The blue hues are said to take our minds to fresh nature scenes, such as lakes and a clear sky. Keep your desk space clear with a personal desk tidy to reflect this calming scene, too.

4) Small Home Office Décor with a Big Impact

Do you already have a whiteboard or magnetic memo board to pin your notes to? Create your own personalised Photo Magnets to secure your memos with love. Whether it’s photos of your newborn, a loved one or your best friends, add your most treasured photos to personalised magnets for an instant reminder of your happiest memories. You are sure to look back at your photos with a smile, which is always a welcome break from your working day!

Another small tweak to add to your home office is to bring the outdoors in. Small household plants that you can sit right on your desk may have a positive impact on your work life. Office plants have been known to improve concentration, reduce stress and increase happiness, according to a study by WeWork. Plus, household plants are bang on trend and bring an aesthetic benefit to your home office too! What’s not to love?

Create your own personalised Photo Magnets to secure your memos with love

5) The Final Touches

Comfort is key when setting up your home office. Make sure you have a comfortable desk chair that you’re happy to be seated on for several hours. If you don’t have a designated space in your home for working, we recommend trialling out different rooms in your house that offer the least distractions.

Bring some personality to your home office décor and place a customised Photo Cushion on your desk chair. Choose a favourite family photo or a treasured memory to add a touch of home comfort to your office space. Alongside this, we are sure many of you are like us and can’t get through the day without a trusty cup of tea or coffee. A personalised Photo Mug will make a welcome addition to your office desk and will help brighten your day at every sip. Plus, it’s the ideal size to take with you wherever you work, whether in the office, on location or even when you switch jobs.

It doesn’t stop there! If you use a computer mouse whilst working, why not create your own personalised Mouse Mat? Admire your most cherished photos each day as you work. Design your mouse mat exactly how you like – add favourite family photos, stunning landscape shots, or even add an inspirational quote with text to keep you motivated throughout the day. A personalised mouse mat will also make a unique gift for your loved ones that have just started working from home – the perfect personal addition to their desk!

Overhaul Your Work Space

We hope our variety of home office décor ideas have given you some inspiration to give your work space the overhaul it needs. There are many more ways to decorate your home office and we’d love to hear your ideas too! Share your home office must-haves with us in the comments, as well as over on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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