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A folded CEWE PHOTOBOOK of New Zealand lies on a sofa next to an accompanying slipcase.


How to capture breathtaking adventures in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Travel blogger Annika Koch gathered her memories of a trip to New Zealand in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a Christmas present for her boyfriend. Get her tips on how you can do the same.

Annika and Mathias’ trip to New Zealand was a dream come true. As soon as they both returned home, they were eager to escape once more.

To capture this wanderlust and the trip’s beauty in an extraordinary Christmas gift for Mathias, Annika created a CEWE PHOTOBOOK with her favourite photos and memories.

She added in maps and special design features to this magnificent XXL Landscape photo book. Plus, the extra touch of a gorgeous, perfect-fit slipcase turned it into a truly unique Christmas gift.

Annika has shared her top design tips for creating a beautiful CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

A CEWE PHOTOBOOK with Classic Photographic Paper showcasing a landscape image across both pages and presenting the photo book laid out on a coffee table.
A CEWE PHOTOBOOK with Classic Photographic Paper showcases a wide image across both pages to bring the landscapes of New Zealand to life.

I used video to help the memories really come to life. It also meant I could say my heartfelt Christmas message to Mathias in person. Our travel photos with added music and my words made this Christmas gift very special.

Annika Koch

Surprise them with a video greeting

I created a video for Mathias which talked about all our favourite memories and to wish him a very Happy Christmas. Once I’d recorded the video, it was easy to add it into the photo book with the CEWE Creator Software.

I just dragged it from my desktop to the right photo book page, selected the storage time in the shopping cart and a QR code was automatically generated. Mathias could then scan this to watch my video on his phone.

You can also upload the video to the photo book like a picture, adjust the size of your QR code and add a film strip to the page if you want to.

Annika's CEWE PHOTOBOOK: A personalised message and video footage, with an auto-generated QR code for video playback
Annika incorporated a heartfelt message along with video footage into her CEWE PHOTOBOOK, complete with an automatically generated QR code for easy video playback.

How to edit film strips with images from your video

  • Enter edit mode by double clicking your inserted video greeting on the photo book page
  • Options for editing the film strip will appear on the right hand side
  • Choose different background colours and orientations for the film strip
  • Select up to six images to display from your video by hovering and clicking on your chosen frames

Mark your love for travel on a map

There were so many beautiful places that we visited in New Zealand and I didn’t want us to forget them all. Luckily I could mark them out by adding a map into the photo book.

Using the CEWE Creator Software, I chose our favourite photos of the places we visited and placed them on a map of New Zealand. I also added some frames to highlight our photos using the selection from the design menu on the left-hand side.

I then added some lines using the 'Clipart' tool to link our photos to specific locations. That way, Mathias could see exactly which ones were connected.

How to use the CEWE Creator Software to add a map

Open your photo book in the CEWE Creator Software

Begin by opening your photo book within the CEWE Creator Software. Collect the necessary information that you'll need when you start creating your map, including location details. As you peruse the images you intend to include in your photo book, identify specific colour schemes that you can integrate into your map's design.


Create a map

In the toolbar, click on the 'New Map' button. The toolbar is found at the top of your screen, above the photo book editor area.


Add pins to mark locations

In the toolbox on the right-hand side of the software window, you can add pins of your visited places. Ensure the toolbox is in edit mode by clicking 'Edit' at the top.

Enter and search for specific locations in the search field and mark your selected locations on the map with the "+" button.

Chapter each special destination, from one large map to specific landmarks

I introduced each new chapter in the CEWE PHOTOBOOK with small maps. This meant Mathias didn’t have to go back to the large overview map again and again. Adding this design element helps to mark the different sections of our trip and looks beautiful at the same time!

I did this by marking the location, selecting 'Clipart' in the design menu on the left and finding the 'Map Icons' category in the dropdown menu. Then, I dragged and dropped a symbol onto the location to create a beautiful and helpful eye-catcher.

CEWE PHOTOBOOK displayed on a coffee table and showcasing a map and images pinned to locations.
Our memories are intricately woven with the numerous breathtaking places we explored in New Zealand. Gazing at the map decorated with images pinned to each location instantly transports us back to those moments.

Emphasise beauty with text

New Zealand has a diverse landscape and is home to many beautiful animals.

I used the 'New Text Box' tool to place animal names directly next to the right pictures, so we’ll never forget the exotic animals or memories of our encounters.

You can do the same with the names of people you met, a quote you remember your loved one saying or a word that’s meaningful to you both.

Enriching moments with the Australian Booby bird through extra-large Images and descriptive text.
Extra-large images and descriptive text breathe life into the pages, providing rich context to this enchanting captured moment with some local wildlife.

Let your pictures breathe

Can you smell the scent of the lupins in this picture? The mood of the lighting and the way the purple colours play captures the magic of New Zealand for me.

That’s why I’ve left plenty of space in the photo book to give the emotions and beauty space to breathe. I’d recommend that you do this with any image you think captures the uniqueness of your destination.

Vibrant purple lupins create an evocative ambiance with captivating lighting in these photos brought to life within Annika’s CEWE PHOTOBOOK, displayed on a couch.
This CEWE PHOTOBOOK brings our memories to life with the right mood, lighting, and spacing to weave a vibrant tapestry of colourful purples across these pages.
Celebrate your memories: Start creating your photo book today and capture the essence!

A journey through New Zealand's stunning landscapes

In this captivating video, we invite you to embark on a visual journey through the breath-taking landscapes of New Zealand, as we unveil a remarkable photo book that pays homage to the natural wonders and cultural richness of New Zealand.