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Four Reasons to Love Black & White Photo Frames

11th May 2022

As printing specialists, we think that black and white photo frames can elevate any room in your home to a premium haven of interior dreams. Whether you’re after framed prints for your living room, the bedroom or even the bathroom, read on to find out how we would style this winning combination with our very own Framed Photo Prints. Plus, who needs more than four reasons to update your space?

1. They are a timeless classic

Although trends come and go, there are a few interior design pieces that stand the test of time - and the beautiful pairing of black and white will always be one of them. Full of monochrome magic, this timeless classic can form in many ways throughout your home. Whether you are capturing a newborn photo shoot or a lifetime of memories, you can be guaranteed that a simple black or white photo frame will preserve your special moments for a long, long time to come. Plus, they will never be outdated!

Photo of elderly couple framed in white wood frame

2. They complement any photo

If you have a photo you want to showcase, we have a black or white frame that is ready to do just that. With such a simplistic colour scheme adorning the outside of your photo, the subject of your memory is highlighted, not overshadowed! This is very important as your memories deserve to be centre stage. Plus, if you feel like swapping the photo later down the line, it's pretty certain that your black or white frame will match the update too.

Blacked framed image of dad with two sons on family walk

3. They can be mixed and matched

The beauty of sticking to a minimalist theme, is that you can mix and match as many frames as possible without it being overwhelming in your space. Take the below example, we’ve used a mixture of landscape, portrait, small and larger sizes to create a single masterpiece. Mixing up the sizes also allows you to craft your design around certain spaces - like a sofa. This really optimises the space while adding a variation of shapes and sizes.

gallery wall of black and white framed family photos

4. They are versatile in any space

One of the best things about black framed prints is how versatile they are. Whether you want to add a snap of you and the kids into your home office or have a tricky space you want to make the most of, a black or white frame will complement anything, anywhere.

We love the idea of optimising that space in your hallway, that might not have enough space for a large piece of furniture. Whether it's a larger black frame or a slimline white frame (or both!), this versatile colour scheme will blend seamlessly into this busy space without taking up too much room. Add anything from your favourite quotes to travel photos that you want to see as soon as you step into your home.

collection of large black and white framed prints on display in hallway

What will you create?

Now we’ve given you four reasons to add black and white frames into your home, now is the time to make your monochrome dream a reality! Download our free CEWE Creator Software and create your very own Framed Photo Prints. It's quick, easy and produces premium results. Enjoy!

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