Frame by Frame: Creative Wall Design

18th October 2021

Start your next upcycling project and place your photos in the limelight with an innovative and creative double frame combo. Fun, arty and aesthetically pleasing, this idea is a unique way to hang your frames while adding a visual touch to your interior through photos. With this design, you can perfect the arrangement of your photos in a few easy steps too.

Before you get into planning out your design as you’d like it to appear on your wall, you’ll need to print out your favourite photos. We highly recommend Square Prints or Fine Art Prints as they will allow you to play around with the placement of your design to exactly your taste. Of course, if you already got photo prints from a partner nearby, those will work too.

Best of all, with this type of wall art, you wont need to exclude a single one of your pictures, because this trend will work with a variety of options. Plus, to make the most of items you may have taking up room in your home, you can even recycle old frames at the same time. The rule is the more different materials, sizes and motifs - the better!

Mix Your Favourite Materials with Your Favourite Photos

A beautiful mix of gold, metal and wood.

Whether you choose to gather your favourite holiday photos, landscapes, family portraits or art prints, all your favorite works of art can be placed alongside decorations that match your interior. We love natural materials such as wood, green plants and metallic and gold accessories with hanging plants as they create a clean, modern and harmonious look that is easy to change and update when it takes your fancy.

Top Tip: When choosing a picture to decorate around, pick out the darker tones and add complementary accents in lighter colours through your accessories. This combination will make sure that your area stays nice and bright and will avoid making your room or corner look smaller.

Arrange Your Pictures with Purpose

Place your pictures in positions that complement each other.

To instantly draw attention to your favourite photos, select a few to single out and add to a double-frame. To do this, simply remove the back and the glass of some larger frames and then place the smaller elements within them. It looks particularly impressive when the motifs fit together thematically, in terms of colour or in another artistic way such as texture or motifs. Once you’re happy with the placement, fix them to the wall within the larger frame.

Top Tip: Before you get started with a hammer and nail, arrange all of your frames, photos and elements on the floor to figure out the way you want to hang them later.

Think In Groups and Formations

Choose your photos and arrange them into groups at the same time.

If you want to place a larger collage on your wall, start by designing individual blocks in a double frame. You can create multiple blocks with a number of frames - it all depends on the size of your wall and how many photos you want to display. Here, you can experiment with different shapes and sizes too.

Top Tip: Elevate your photo wall by placing photos in the corners of your frame rather than keeping an uniformed design of using the centre each time.

Upcycling: A New Look For Old Frames

Enhance old frames with a luxurious gold spray.

Do you still have picture frames hanging around your loft or garage that no longer match your furnishings or interiors? Perfect! You can re-style them in no time and while injecting your own spin on this new upcycling trend. Simply paint some of the frames with a coloured spray of your choice (such as gold, black or silver) and let them dry well before hanging. Alternatively, choose a frame that is already reflected within your interior.

And of course, if you don't have any old frames to hand, this design will always work with new frames too!

Your Turn to Design and Create

Decorate that spare wall with this upcycling project and turn your favorite pictures into a real centerpiece. There will only be one design just like yours - the one in your home!

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