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Feel good things to do at home by our favourite bloggers

2nd April 2020

If you’re looking for things to do at home, we’ve got some inspiration for you! From baking and making dens to finally getting round to sorting out your photographs, we’ve had a chat with some of our favourite bloggers and collated some feel good activities that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

1. Bake!

Jane at Jane’s Patisserie

The Queen of Instagram Baking, Jane is an incredible food writer, photographer and blogger who has the most decadent and creative Instagram account. If you check her out, which you won’t regret, make sure you aren’t hungry beforehand!

Chocolate Easter cake

“Baking is a delicious way of getting your family together to bake something and have a bit of fun. Whether its simple shortbread or a cheesecake, baking is always therapeutic and fun for all!”

Pictured is Jane’s Mini Egg Chocolate Cheesecake, which she describes as a ‘buttery biscuit base topped with a Mini Egg Chocolate Cheesecake, Chocolate Whipped Cream, and even more Mini Eggs!’ If you want to recreate this masterpiece, you’ll find the recipe here. If you haven’t managed to get out to the shops or struggled to find all the ingredients that Jane uses in her recipes, re-purpose what you currently have in your kitchen – it doesn’t take much to bake a Victoria Sponge or a batch of tasty muffins!

2. Create A Photo Book

If you’re looking for things to do at home, there really is no better time to make all of those photo books you’ve been meaning to create. A photo book allows you to turn your photographs into a high quality, personalised memento of your most treasured memories and will also serve as a great pick-me-up. Why not create one and order it to a loved ones home? It is guaranteed to brighten up their day from a distance!

Whether you have a whole host of wedding photos that deserve to be showcased, or just want to document the travel adventures that you’ve previously embarked on, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is an incredible way to relive those moments – without stepping foot outside your home.

travel photobook on chair

3. Learn a New Skill

Emma from @emmaeatsandexplores

Emma’s blog has it all – from recipes to products she just loves, you’re sure to find the inspiration you’ve been searching for. Looking to add to her arsenal of talents, Emma will be looking to learn something new when suggesting things to do at home.

“With a lot of spare time at home, the best thing to do can be to learn a new skill. For some that might mean learning a new language, taking up knitting or trying out some recipes in the kitchen!

For me, I’m desperate to learn photography. I take all my photos with an iPhone and have a camera in the corner of the room gathering dust! I’m desperate to learn how to use it properly to elevate my food and travel pics to the next level. There are so many online/YouTube tutorials that I can’t wait to get started!”

4. Make The Most of The Down Time

Kelsey From Kelsey in London

With most of us finding ourselves with a bit more capacity, it’s officially time to start ticking off those to-do lists and indulging in activities that may get pushed out of our daily routine. Kelsey, of Kelsey in London, agrees with us too. With her blog and feed described as a stream of ‘daily style, travel highlights, interior styling, meal conquests, and creative endeavours‘, it’s not surprising Kelsey advises us to relax while we can.

“As a massive introvert, I’m secretly looking forward to quarantining as having downtime is normally such a rarity for me.

First, I’ll be doing a deep spring clean of my house and will sort through my wardrobe to see what I can sell or donate to charity. This is the perfect time to learn a new skill, so I’ll be brushing up on my Spanish and watching masterclasses online to learn more about HTML and CSS which are valuable skills for my business.

I’ll also finally have time to watch all the Netflix series I don’t normally get around to viewing (The Witcher is next on my list) and listen to audio books. I haven’t gamed since University, however I’m seriously considering buying a Nintendo Switch to kill some time.”

5. Set Up a Treasure Hunt

Fiona from @dollydowsie

Fiona of Dollie Dowsie describes her blog as ‘little space to share all our wonderful memories, photos and adventures with the world.’ With two adorable young boys to entertain, Fiona is full of creative things to do at home and has provided us with her top tips to keep the little ones busy.

“If you want to give the kids something to do around the house or garden, a treasure hunt is a great way of keeping them busy, all while having fun and finding treats or surprises along the way too.

The hidden treasure doesn’t even have to be something new – if there are toys or books that they’ve forgotten about over time, they’ll love discovering them all over again. Or, if you do want to plant some new treats for them to find, things from the pound shop are great such as arts and crafts materials, dinky cars, sweet treats or anything that your little ones might love.

You could write clues or draw a map to show where the things are hidden around the house and garden and the kids will have great fun finding them all!”

Top Tip – If you’re in need of some creative help, our Retro Prints make great visual clues or fun items to find!

6. Build a Den

Fiona from @dollydowsie

“My boys love building dens and imagining that they’re in everything from castles to space ships and everything in between! Let the kids pile the floor high with cushions and pillows and lay blankets and sheets across furniture to make the perfect indoor play space. Getting them to help put everything away at the end of their fun and games is another great way of keeping them busy and learning how to be helpful too.”

7. Impromptu Photo Shoots in The Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have the whole family with you (and the sun is shining…), gather everyone in the garden for a family photo shoot. From blowing bubbles or snapping a candid photo as they play, you’ll be glad you captured a positive, happy moment shared as a family. Better still, print the moment you captured onto a piece of Wall Art, such as a Framed Print or Canvas.

8. Personalise Your Interior Design

Wall Art is a great way to switch up your surroundings, so now is the time to create some new pieces to inject a bit of difference to your space. When it comes to things to do at home, all you need to create a high quality piece of wall art for your home, is your favourite photo and a bit of spare time.

Simply take your pick from our wide range of wall art, including Framed Photo Prints and Canvas Prints, and upload your chosen photo in the CEWE Creator Software. Fun, easy to use and highly intuitive, you’ll want to fill any space on your wall with a new piece of wall art!

Things To Do at Home – By You!

Keep the positivity flowing and to show us what you’ve been doing while spending time at home. To get involved, tag us in your photos! You’ll find us on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.– we can’t wait to see what you get up to.

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