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5 DIY home décor projects

Home Inspiration

5 DIY home décor projects

12th January 2022

There’s something very special about taking a little time to spruce up your living space as a few small changes can make your home feel brand new.

Ready to show your home some love? We’ve created five DIY home decor projects that are simple, quick and budget-friendly. You could easily get them done over a couple of weekends too.

1. Create a statement wall with a bold colour or wallpaper you love

Statement walls, sometimes called ‘feature walls’ have been popular for a long time now and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, this will instantly change the look and feel of your room. We would recommend choosing a wall that gets a lot of light - that will naturally draw attention to it. If you’re going for colour, it doesn’t have to be an exact match but choose one that is complementary to the colours in the room. Think of your textiles and accessories, how can you tie it all in?

block colour painted wall with personalised wall art to fit the space

Paint is an easy way to update your space and it doesn’t always have to be a whole room project – by painting shapes such as a circle or splitting the wall in half with two complementing colours, a small tub of paint is all you may need to change your space!

If you’re using wallpaper to make a statement, there’s so much variety. Bold geometric pattern, bright colours, florals - the possibilities are almost endless. Again, you can pick out colours that tie in with your existing accessories. If you’re a fan of the industrial, New York loft style, choose an exposed brick patterned wallpaper. You can even get peel and stick wallpaper - excellent for renters, much less mess and less costly.

2. Rearrange your furniture

This is a tip that is sometimes overlooked but moving the furniture around can change the feel of a room completely. Start by deciding where the larger pieces will go. Then dress around them, with plants - maybe stack a side table with books and a small lamp. You can even use your furniture to section off parts of the room.

Room with rearranged furniture to create a desk space with cork memory board

If you love where a piece of furniture is but it could do with a refresh, just give it a new look. Toss a throw over an armchair or give a cabinet a new coat of paint. Complement with wicker accessories and some prints and voila – a new style in an instant.

Top Tip: Measure up your pieces and the spaces you’ll be moving them to before you start rearranging furniture. You can even draw your pieces to scale on bits of paper so you can rearrange as much as possible before the move.

3. Create a cosy corner

You don’t need an entire library or study to make a cosy reading corner. All you need is an armchair, or even some large floor cushions, along with a floor lamp for some soft lighting. If your home has large bay windows, they’re a great location for turning into a reading nook.

photo cushion featuring mother and daughter selfie

For finishing touches, add personal items like a print of a photo - maybe from a special occasion or a holiday. A calm space that invokes good memories is great for your wellbeing too.

4. Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great way to show off your personality and style. There’s no set method to creating a gallery wall but it’s a good idea to start with a theme. You could show off your holiday photos or a set of prints. Mix different sized and coloured frames to make the wall visually interesting. You could even centre the frames around a mirror.

series of 5 framed prints placed above sofa showcasing photos, text and patterns.

The beauty of a gallery wall is that there are no right or wrong ways to do them. Plus, you can add, take away and expand over time or as your style changes (or even the seasons!)

5. Give your textiles an update

Swapping out a cushion occasionally is a great way to change the look and feel of the room. Why not take it one step further and give more of your soft furnishings an update? There’s more to textiles than cushions - think about blankets, throws, slip covers for your sofas and the runners on the dining table.

Top Tip: Focus on one or two colours and themes and then continue the theme throughout the rooms in your home. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could use the same fabric to make things like runners, cushions and curtains.

Personalised cushion with leafy pattern for bench at home entrance

Why not add a personal touch with photo cushions? A print that you’ve designed or a quote that you love would look fabulous on a cushion.

Over to You!

There are so many fun easy home decor projects that will make your living space feel fresh and new. Whether you incorporate all of these DIY ideas or just some of them, we’re sure that you’ll be living in what feels like a brand-new space in no time.

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