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Image of Canvas Wall Art on the wall within the family living room using a Canvas Collage to review family photos from the last year


Looking back on the most beautiful family photos

Showcase favourite memories from twelve months in a photo collage.

Whether it's everyday moments of joy, hiking through the forest or playing on the beach - many beautiful photos are taken over the course of a whole year. Transform your personal annual photo collection into a eye-catching collage on a photo canvas for your home. This means you can always relive your favourite moments of happiness and experience them again and again.

Your photo on a canvas

How to design your photo canvas as a collage

You can easily create the photo collage in the CEWE Creator Software.

  • Hover over Wall Art & Posters and select Canvas Prints.
  • A window will open with Canvas Wall Art options. Select Photo Collage. Then select the square format measuring 100 x 100 centimetres.
  • Select page layouts and within the drop down list of photos per page, select 11 photos per page. Drag and drop the layout with photos surrounding the outer edges of the canvas to form a square.
  • In the tab section select Photos & Videos and then drag the photos you want onto the workspace one by one. The shots are arranged so that all images are the same height and a square remains free in the middle. In addition, the distance between photos should always be the same.

Tip: Sort photos by season

Close up of Canvas Collage against a green wall within living room area.
Share your most beautiful experiences of the year with your loved ones - easily within your own four walls.

To summarise the entire year, divide the collage thematically clockwise into spring, summer, autumn and winter and select three images for each season. For example, mix portrait shots with wide-angle photos of nature to provide variety.

Select background and clipart

Now it's time to design the background and select the Clipart:

  • In the design menu on the far left, select Backgrounds. Select a solid colour background and drag it onto the canvas.
  • In the design menu on the far left, when selecting Clipart, you can find variants for the different seasons as well as the “Moments” lettering for the middle using the drop-down menu in the “Yearbook” category. Place the Clipart directly on your photos.

Tip: With attention to detail

Detail shown on a Canvas Collage to showcase the Clipart used to give context to the photos in line with the seasons of the year.
Works harmoniously: Clipart and photos are best showcased to stand out due to the uniform colours.

For the background of your photo collage, you can choose any shade that suits your images and decor. If in doubt, stick to calm, reserved tones. Use the same colour for seasonal Clipart (such as “Winter”) for a particularly beautiful effect. For the heart and writing in the centre of the canvas, we recommend colours from your photos.

Use colours from your photos for the design: Here’s how

Our tip for a particularly harmonious look: Use colours from your personal photos for the design.

To do this, insert a Clipart, select it and then click on “Edit” at the top right. You'll find a list of the colours used in the selected Clipart under “Change Clipart colours”. To change a colour, click on the dropdown under "Changed".

To use a colour from one of your photos, click "Select a colour" to open the custom colours menu. To enable the eyedropper tool, click "Pick screen colour". You can now click anywhere on your photo to choose a colour that you would like to use for the Clipart. Feel free to try out a few shades before making your final decision.