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8 Ideas for Small Photo Books

30th April 2019

It’s a widely known fact that we adore the CEWE PHOTOBOOK, and we know our customers do too, but it’s often the striking larger sizes that get the most attention. A little more petite but packing just as much of a punch, our small, small landscape (near A5 landscape photo book) and square photo books have their own specialities. This post is dedicated to sharing the love for our small books! Read on for our favourite ideas for creating a small CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Wedding Favours

pocket sized wedding favours photo book

It’s customary to produce a big wedding photo book full of pictures from your big day, but we know passing it around all your family and friends for them to enjoy too can be nothing short of a challenge! With the CEWE Design Software, it’s incredibly easy to scale down your full-sized creation to fit a smaller book of the same proportions, making it really simple to add in some additional pocket-sized copies to give to your loved ones. The perfect way to round off the wedding celebrations!

A Children’s Story Book

Did you know that you’re free to customise your CEWE PHOTOBOOK however you like using the Design Software? Add text, clip art and backgrounds to create your own personalised story for a little one. You can even try designing each page yourself to make it totally unique, just create your own illustrations and add them in as images. Opt for a Small photo book for something they can put in their bag and carry with them – it’s sure to become their favourite book!

A Personalised CD Book

a small photobook with music related artwork and information

Thanks to Twitter user Julita (@loumiinn), we discovered a genius way to use our small landscape photo book. Julita created three books to celebrate three different albums made by her favourite band, BTS. We love how she took inspiration from the original album artwork to create bespoke books full of lyrics and photos of the band. She even added a special cardboard insert to hold the CDs, making the perfect keepsake for any music fan.

Top tip – A Small photo book is the perfect fit for the inside of a CD case! Fill it with lyrics and pictures to complete your project, and don’t forget to create a striking front cover for your album artwork.

A Guide to Your Next Trip

If you’re off on a special adventure, you’re bound to have an itinerary in mind for your trip. Why not keep a note of it in a stylish and easy to digest way and put it all into your own miniature CEWE PHOTOBOOK? Try allocating a double page spread for each place you’ll visit, and add in top travel tips, sights to see, a few facts about the area and places you’d like to go while you’re there. You can carry your personal travel guide with you throughout your trip and keep all that knowledge right at your fingertips, so you can make the most of your time without worrying about finding internet signal to Google important information!

A Pocket Portfolio

a photographer's pocket sized portfolio

Professionalism and quality are key for photographers, artists and models, which is why our small photo books are just right for displaying your hard work. Create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK portfolio and your work will be shown in its very best light – our quality paper and innovative printing mean you can count on us to present your work to the highest standard, even when it’s in a smaller format. Take your pocket portfolio with you to show at castings and meetings, safe in the knowledge that the impression you’re leaving will be a good one.

Starring Your Pet

Our fur babies take up a huge place in our hearts – and our camera rolls – so put those endless photos of your furry, scaly or feathered friend to use and give them the chance to star in their own CEWE PHOTOBOOK! Your mini photo book could be a little reminder of your best friend to always carry with you, a gift for someone who looked after your pet while you were away, or even a special present for someone who lives away from theirs. Make good use of all those photos you’ve taken of them and bring them to life with a thoughtful gift.

A Mini-Break Memento

a mini break memento photo book

Perhaps you’ve been on a long weekend away or a short trip somewhere – you probably know the feeling where you’ve taken a few photos that you’d like to remember, but not quite enough to create a full CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Here’s where Small Square Photo Book comes in! All you need is 22 photos and you’re ready to put together your travel memory book. Download the CEWE App and upload photos directly from your phone’s camera roll into our sleek and stylish photo book templates – the ultimate quick and easy way to create a lasting memory of your trip!

While our larger formats are more appropriate for a wedding photo book, the small formats are ideal for a personalised wedding guest book, a wedding gift to the happy couple or a thank you gift for the closest friends of the wedding party. When it comes to alternative wedding photo book ideas, we have this covered.

Introducing Your New Arrival

introducing your new arrival with a pocket sized baby photo book

We know how it goes, a new addition to the family arrives and suddenly everyone you’ve ever known wants to come and visit! It’s not quite the same as a real-life baby cuddle, but if there’s someone special who’s far away and can’t see the baby just yet, or perhaps there’s the doting grandparents who can’t get enough of the little bundle, a baby photo album can go some way to bridging the gap.

Top tip – Our Small books are staple-bound and slim enough to fit inside a card or envelope, making them easy to send in the post to those faraway friends and relatives!

Whichever book you create, we’d love to see the results! Share your masterpieces with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. using the hashtag #CEWEphoto, and you could be featured online or in a blog post. Also, don’t forget to add your book to the CEWE Community Pool and you’ll receive a £10 CEWE voucher!

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